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  1. I have a concern on the battery life, its gotta at least reach 6 hours.
  2. Only the unknown frightens men. But once a man has faced the unknown that terror becomes the known.

  3. What do you wait for?
  4. Weapon switching would be a big game changer, especially in modes like muckle and king of the kill. Can't wait to see how this turns out.
  5. It'll be great if the levels created on the PC version of the game are playable on the 360 as well!
  6. February 18th was my 1 year anniversary here.
  7. Oh god, this ain't fair. I still can't play this playlist...
  8. Got the Titanfall beta for PC last week and I loved it! The parkour system reminds me of the parkour in brink (even though that game was crap). And tbh, I believe that the smart pistol is op.
  9. Me too. I have been trying to play this playlist since yesterday. It says 'The Battleblock Theater service is not available. Please try again later.'
  10. EDM
  11. The finale levels contains too many jelly shooters... Too many... I agree with Morg, the last level was B#@$*&T The rest of the playlist is great. 4.5/5
  12. After the final five there should be a competition for making a custom star head, and the winning custom star head will be put in the game as the final star head.
  13. Tbh I got stuck on this part as well lol, but then Quentin told me to move really slow while trying to get out of the water and it worked.

    Star Head Art

    8 more star heads!
  15. Congratz on the second feature. I enjoyed this playlist just like I enjoyed ZombieUnicorns. I loved your unique puzzle ideas! The secret level was awesome, the fact you don't need to move at all lol This playlist is very challenging and fun for me, and I wish the future features will be as great as this one. This playlist worth playing. And advice to some players, attempt to complete the playlist before you go asking for Cecil. 5/5