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  1. That's obviously legit. I don't know what you're talking about.
  2. I get my gold by playing on my Industrialist via Barbarian Boss.
  3. I'm addicted to Sonic the hedgehog 1, 2, and 3. I play them everyday. Also, the new sonic games are a complete failure. Ever since sonic decided to "go" 3D with sonic heroes and other games Sega couldn't seem to manage actually turning the legendary sonic side scrolling game into a 3 dimensional speedy-hedgehog game. Now Sega are just milking the series. Shame on you, Sega! Sonic Adventure is my favorite Sonic game of all time. It's 3-D and it's for the sega dreamcast.
  4. They should hire people from the forums to mark hackers and then that would just give Dan or Tom to give the ok. Then the moderators would report it to xbox and they would remove it. I don't see why that system wouldn't work.
  5. CC wouldn't work for the Wii? Why the hell not? The virtual controller would work find for it, you could just make one of the joysticks of the classic controller use RB/LB's functions.
  6. Lmfao I didn't know there was a charge shot until Area 51. It helped A LOT though. The game really isn't that tough once you get used to it, and it's the opposite of repetitive. It's a fast action, survival, and boss jam-packed game. I absolutely loved this game even though it was very short.
  7. Chainsaw is coming in the next DLC pack.
  8. |-|4)(0125 is Leet for Haxor. |-|=H; 4=A; )(=X; 0=O; 12=R; 5=S.
  9. What's wrong is that you THINK you have all the weapons when in reality all the weapons haven't been released. It's possible you have all the weapons released currently, but no one has all the weapons right now.(unless they are |-|4)(0125 or have actual authority over the weapons)
  10. Well if you really like them, I'd say <2 dollars is worth it. It's 100 levels for each pack, I don't know which are good are not though.
  11. That's just disturbing Disturbing? If you think that's disturbing then I doubt you're above the age of 13.
  12. Banned because I say so.
  13. Just beat the game. The end boss battle was a nice challenge. I used up all my continues twice before finally beating him. The part where you're on the flying ship is definitely the hardest part for me. It was a good game and deserved my 10 bucks. I'll probably go back one day and get all the hats and play some PDA. I'm not too much of an achievement guy so I'll probably stay away from them. Thanks for making a great game Behemoth, I hope to see some of the same great material in Game 3.