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  1. XD where do I begin 1. The Thieves because all they do spam arrows 2. On the full moon stage, those black knights, they take forever to kill, especially the beefy 1 -____- 3. On Insane Mode, in the thieves forest, the black creature thingy spawns so many of them, it's Insane!!!!! 4. The Egyptian Dudes with the Mask on: ... uard_P.jpg 5. Those stupid Coneheads on Insane, especially the boss 1, OMG HE DOES SO MUCH DAMAGE WITH JUST 1 HIT!!!!! 6.Those Fishes in the Flooded Temple, they just...jump around alot 7. The Ice King..all he does is just teleport, and uses those ice spikes 8. The Fencers and Industrialist on Insane Mode 9. The Corn Boss in the Marsh level -__- 10. Those little blob things in the caves 11. The small bats. It can get frustrating in the rapid river part. Overall, I hate almost ever enemy in the game, but their designs r cool
  2. My favorite is the Ninja Pirate Ship, cause of the ninjas and the cool music. Also the Necromancer room because it's such a cool background with so many dead warriors on the ground, plus the music fits perfectly.
  3. I can't wait for the Necromancer pack to come out. It's gonna be awesome.
  4. Your power leveling guide helped alot. i'm gonna try what your guide said. Thank you!!!
  5. I can try that and i'm not a nerd,LOL I'm trying this for my friend cause he told me to type this.
  6. Has any1 seen how to delete updates from your xbox 360. Well i did that right, and when i start the castle crashers and it asked me to update and i push no, like your suppose to. So when i start the game, i get the trial version. WTF? I mean why is that happening? Some people are having the same problem 2 so i posted so comments are youtube and no has responded back. So i try the glitch on my brother's hard drive and guess what..... it works. So whats going on here? It works on his hard drive but not mine? How is that possible? Could it be my hard drive?
  7. I need a rubber stained sword/blood stained sword, any1 have 1?
  8. hi there, if any1 has a rubber stained sword, can i have 1. if u wanna trade with me, just either send me message or right back.
  9. I got every weapon besides Rubber Stained Sword/Blood Stained Sword. If u need any weapons, send me message on xbox live GT: Crazyman2345
  10. I got every weapon besides blood stained sword. If any1 has blood stained sword, send me message or friend request and i'll show you what i got.
  11. Yes, but like i said it's not really cool at all.
  12. What about this character, might not look cool but i still think it's cool