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  1. Much like any surprises with CC DLC in the past, theyre all ruined because of the mistake of getting it into the game too early, meanwhile the developers are well aware that CC is prone to hackers.
  2. I was actually hoping for a Wii U or PS4 port. Because im not going anywhere near the nextbox when i havent heard any positive news behind it.
  3. So is it safe to say that this game is still having problems like this, even months after the original complaints of peoples save files missing or DLC not working? A bit ridiculous.
  4. Youtube exists, other forums exist, fact of the matter is the only people who dont know only just recently bought the game, dont follow Battleblock Theater, or cant play online due to the new issue of online not working. This is silly anyway and a leaked character isnt even a major concern.
  5. They arent Valve, they shouldnt really have to delay this badly. I dont even want to know how long a new game would take if they were still working on Battleblock.
  6. There are people who still don't know about it, they may as well try to keep it from spreading. Well lets hope the over 1.8 million people who played the game didnt play online with a single person using Hatty as we speak.
  7. First thing that came to mind was Dad n' Me.
  8. I dont see why it was removed when we already know everything about how he plays, theres no point in hiding a surprise that doesnt exist.
  9. I recently reccomended this game to a UK friend and he finally buys it, only for me to realize that this same problem is happening to him. Now i myself havent played the game in a long time and i dont know what update caused all of this happen, but im not turning it on at risk of losing save data either, which is another complaint ive heard. These issues are serious and i feel like crap since i just reccomended a broken game to someone at 15 bucks.
  10. Since apparently nobody is helping me with this, i need people to add me to help me with insane mode. My PSN name is Xlrking. And i use the Red Knight or Blue Industrial Knight. Honestly, all i want to do is at least get past the industrial castle, but its impossible without some help.
  11. Yukinari


    For being the only other ice character, he sure has poop magic.
  12. Yukinari


    Then why dosent the game add to the amount the two DLC's along with the Alien costed? Exactly.
  13. Yukinari


    You get my point that they obviously took more time to make better choices for the PS3 version, and yes, i even pointed out that the game JUST CAME OUT, so i dont expect a 256 type of mod to happen right away, but not having 256's online in the PS3 version makes it indefinatly better at the moment, along with other smaller changes that make it the superior version as i said.
  14. Yukinari


    It comes with all the DLC as unlockable for a change, new weapons or stats changed for some weapons, volleyball, team deathmatch for arena if i recall, and even though it literally just came out not too long ago, people online arent all 256. I think its more of a upgrade to CC, which the xbox version desperately needs, the achievement for beating insane mode is long overdue as well, as well as the drop-in local play the PS3 version has. Im just saying it does have changes, and is now obviously the superior version, since i havent touched my xbox version of CC in a while now. Also, i find it quite ridiculous that youd need to get 256 or buy Alien Hominid to get the Alien on the xbox version, when the PS3 version charges you no extra for him.