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  1. I completed all the solo ones recently for BOOM, and the head refuses to unlock. I replayed the finale twice just to be sure. What gives? EDIT: I just recompleted ALL of it, and it still didn't unlock.
  2. Just finished Furbottom's solo and didn't get my Bomb head. What gives? EDIT: I just recompleted ALL of it, and it still didn't unlock.
  3. So, for anybody wondering on the final section... Throw the block, throw the block, grab from the edge of the blocks and throw it again (so it gets pulled back a bit), and repeat this the next throw so it doesn't go overboard. Throw it onto the next section and run onto the black section for a brief break. Then you're gonna want to make sure the blocks above you don't regen, and the blocks to the right of you are JUST regenerating and then throw the block, and then you can technically just run right across while carrying the block if you have the timing right. For the final part, just jump man. Ride that platform, and the moment you feel you can jump through (you jump from underneath the spikes on your left) and keep on jumping 'til you get to the gems. Then the platforms start going down, so you jump through to the other gems and just ride them down following the gems as a path right to the exit. It was a LOT easier for me than throwing the blocks, I did it with 30 seconds remaining (I would've been SOOOO pissed.)
  4. Wait. What? Really? I don't have to co-op? Otherwise, if you do. Whoever was asking, add me on 360. MEMANIAsama
  5. Why wouldn't they be cool? They could be total badasses. As for being beefy, they don't have to be bodybuilder types, they could simply get very enraged looking.
  6. My girlfriend and I were discussing how it would've been cool to have the four Princesses (or at least one of them) as a playable characters. Unfortunately that doesn't look like it'll happen.
  7. Only worth the money if you enjoy the games.
  8. You've unlocked it. You must have. I unlocked it just by playing the game and beating 2-1 or something like that.
  9. You'll learn patterns and learn how the game works as you progress. I'd highly recommend starting on Easy to learn the game.
  10. Do we REALLY need all these "How to find all the hat" threads?
  11. VAGUE possibility of that. I'll do some test runs on a seperate gamertag.
  12. 300% sure. I completed the entire game on easy and medium difficulties before turning gore off and getting the hat. Before or after the patch? Not saying you're wrong, just saying there HAS to be an alternate method since I never disabled gore.