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  1. I'm currently trying to make a name for my Lord Raptor online in Darkstalkers Ressurection. If it wasn't for the GGPO netcode, it would a heck of a lot harder to get better at the game!
  2. I contributed $30 and it feels good man. 360 users never did get the major patch so I didn't feel like getting back into it. We're finally getting a male character too! Take advantage of the awesome GGPO netcode and get yourself a training partner. If that person plays the same character as you, ask for advice. In my experience, no one is going to hand you skill on a silver platter. You have to make an extra effort to learn the mechanics but you should try to have fun doing it as well. Everytime I start a new fighting game like Darkstalkers Resurrection (just came out too), I practice things in training mode and then go online to learn and not stress over winning/losing too much. That comes later
  3. If you are looking for some buttons and sticks I've got a couple of sites I recommend If you want Japanese style Sanwa buttons and sticks (which looks to be what the BBT cabinet is comprised of) you can order them from focusattack.com If you want oldschool American/Euro style parts, try paradisearcadeshop.com
  4. It's OK, you can buy SFxT now . I'm having a good experience playing version 2013. Although I still get quite an amount of time overs online, that can be attributed mainly to my unfamiliarity towards the new metagame. As the game progresses, throws will play a larger role thanks to it now removing red health and Pandora will actually serve a purpose as it can be implemented in certain link combos.
  5. 3DS owners... we da best: http://www.siliconera.com/2013/01/21/project-x-zone-the-namco-x-capcom-x-sega-rpg-is-headed-to-the-u-s/
  6. I'm very inclined to say this might be the best Harvest Moon yet. The game offers so many customization options for your farm. You can literally pick up your house and place it anywhere in your pasture. Many people agree that the game does start out a bit slow. This is to ease new players into the HM routine. You can pretty much sleep whenever you want though, so the first few days can go by relatively quick. Also Paper Mario SS is jawsome.
  7. The XL Dpad appears less concave than the original 3DS. The surface of the controls/device seem to be textured similarly to the DS Lite. (major improvement over the glossy airbrushed surface IMO). My hope is that Nintendo makes the buttons "mushy" like the DSL instead of "clicky".
  8. Nintendo really dropped the ball by not including a right thumbstick/triggers (yay for dedicated Circle Pad Pros?). However, it looks like they changed the Dpad, which should hopefully improve the functionality of Fighting and other dexterous 2D games . I'm not yet sure if I want this or not
  9. Loving Deadman Wonderland and Casshern. Also hilarious parody incoming: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eCDSxPzfBSY
  10. I am so ready for the MvM update... The first pre-update splash page on teamfortress.com will have me sigh in relief. Anyone else just backed up on metal after playing so long without a major update? I've sworn off using refined and have been saving at least two duplicate weapons for when the new blueprints drop.
  11. Updated the OP with a brand spanking new marathon!
  12. Stock Hori buttons are actually stiffer in feel when compared to Sanwas. Senstitivity is an important factor for stick users, which is why a lot of the crowd have moved on from the standard American/European Happ/IL (distinct long plunger and spring). I never particularly enjoyed the feel of stock Hori buttons, but some users may prefer them. The Tekken 6 stick in particular is wireless which may not be ideal for an execution demanding game like Skullgirls. In terms of stiffness I would rate these brands in order: 1.Happ/IL 2.Hori 3.Seimitsu 4.Sanwa (lightest) I haven't been playing Skullgirls much lately, but I am also waiting to see what the most optimized are for my characters. MS. Fortune has the potential for extremely high damage output in the corner! This hasn't been posted yet, but the official soundtrack for Skullgirls was released a little while back. You can get it on ITunes or Amazon MP3
  13. I can't say I agree with that concept if tied to a competitive philosophy. I do understand that not all competitive SSB players need to follow standards set by Smashboards or whatever in a private setting. I'd for sure be interested in watching a Smash tourney stream with items set on for the duration of the event. All I know is that this game needs Spike from Ape Escape 1!!
  14. This game expresses my thoughts through groundbreaking virtual ecstasy. Finally. I can now be taken seriously as a gamer; if only because this work of art single-handedly speaks to my generation.
  15. I have the XBLA version My Gamertag is Coolsword123. OK, this is hilarious. It's the VA's playing against each other. There's a bunch of them from the uploader (NSFW): I hope that one day, I'll get to hear "WHERE ARE MY EGRETS?" when fighting a Parasoul online.