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  1. Just a Lv 99 Blue Knight for me. Oh well, back to grinding!
  2. Unfortunately I don't think The behemoth have the power to ban someone from xbox live. But if a lot of people do report his gamertag, Microsoft will surely take notice.
  3. If your gonna be a douche about it... Listen maybe a Dev can help me out on this one, cause the members here are useless for this question. Again i DID NOT ERASE ANYTHING FROM MY UPDATES. I already got the first update to fix the glitches in the game when it first came out, so its definatly not that one. That sort of thing happens to about every game that my friend has. Don't know why though. It's probably not a big deal anyway so try not to worry too much
  4. Your argument would probably be reasonable, except for the fact that these aren't action figures, meaning they are made for the use of playing to some extent (which explains why they are fragile). Figurines such as these are usually meant to be put on a shelf as a collectible and should not be handled without care.
  5. Street Fighter 2 would like a word with you.
  6. True but if you make cc more intricate and enhanced, then it just isn't cc anymore. I agree but I Think Dan knows what he is doing (or at least I hope he does ).
  7. I totally disagree, I would love to see a sequel. If there was a new story, more characters, game play enhancements and creative improvements, it would be able to become a great success. Just DLC won't cut it when consumers expect more bang for their buck. If you don't believe me just look at Rock Band, even though Harmonix geared their marketing towards the luxury of downloading extra songs for the game, the sequel was still a success because of it's new content and improvements.
  8. That just reeks of awesomeness. What's a good site without a flashy page?
  9. no offense, but not really. i arcade sticks I like that controller more. Totally on an artistic sense. But in my opinion, when it comes to playing good on an arcade game, it's always better to use an arcade stick.
  10. Sorry but I could draw a simple Kirby and paint it with the worlds thinnest brush, and it still wouldn't come out right!
  11. no offense, but not really. i arcade sticks I people who arcade sticks!
  12. In case anyone wanted to mod their stick with more authentic arcade parts, If you have an ex2 and have no knowledge of soldering whatsoever, I do NOT suggest modding it. I had to go through two of them before it worked. I do suggest picking up a regular edition of the Madcatz sf4 stick as the buttons and stick are easy to swap out (or so they say) and no soldering required.
  13. I saw the video that Mega 64 did, the one where they were interviewing Dan in Marcus's corner. It blew me away.
  14. Picture. It's the wallpaper from the media section of the site. I went to kinkos and they printed it on photo paper then laminated it. Also, I saw your awesome custom controller as well, it's like we are long lost brothers!
  15. yup though it takes some getting used to what with the different finger-to-button positions and all, but If Dan gets input configuration in the next update, then I'll forgive him
  16. Sup guys, new guy here. I thought that my first post should be a cool one so... I modded my Hori EX2 arcade stick by replacing the balltop and buttons with sanwa ones and the artwork with you guessed it!