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  1. Actually, I don't believe there are 720s in the game. Plus the only 360 is for Cerebella's super. Yup, you don't need to buffer it with a move. The game will prevent a jump as long as you complete a half-circle before you input up-back/up-forward
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    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nRj5x7AaJW8 In case you haven't heard, a remarkable indie fighting game is going to be released tomorrow (4/10 on PSN and 4/11 on XBLA). It is a purely hand drawn 2D game, something us Behemoth fans can appreciate! The art style personally reminds me of Scott Pilgrim, which is a win in my book! Admittedly, I was turned off at the worn out concept of an all-girl fighting game cast. That changed when I saw Mike Z, the lead programmer (also a tournament player) interacting with the Fighting Game Community to actively improve the gameplay. What resulted from this communication can only be described in one word: "clever." -Pausing the game only occurs when the start button is held for 15 frames. No accidental pauses mid-match -The game restricts unwanted jumping when it detects a complete 360 motion -Custom assists that can be selected with any attack input! -GGPO netcode -Infinite detection system. Only the versatile need apply! -Fair variable battles -Intensive tutorial mode that explains pretty much everything. The game will be $15 on PSN or 1200 Microsoft spacebills! Gameplay footage:
  3. Bringing this back up a year later is giving PETA waaaay too much credit. Anyway, the icing on the failcake for me was PETA's assumption that Meat Boy was made up of animal flesh and not, as the developers have stated, human (yes humans are animals but you know what I mean ).
  4. Ahh yes, I fondly remember playing The Simpsons in... well pretty much any arcade back in the day! This game deserved to be re released with online play. Nuff said.
  5. I'm terrible at catching the latest AGDQ marathon I just thought I'd update this though. The same links in the OP work (sadly, no Castle Crashers this time around) I'm personally looking forward to the Super Meat Boy playthrough
  6. Go ahead and enjoy your broken Magneto/Storm/Sentinel fest. I prefer a more balanced character roster with fresh faces and no recycled sprites. :3 Amen. Anyway, for the 3 people on this board who did get it, post your teams!! I'm rocking Iron Fist/Ghost Rider/Viewtiful Joe. Iron Fist combos are no joke. They can leave you with 700k-900k if you use 2 bars and can be built easily on point if your rushdown>mixup is successful. There is also the option of just saving the bars for Ghost Rider because his level 3 Penance Stare is no joke and is an amazing comeback tactic when combined with blockstun X-Factor cancel. I previously thought that Joe was most effective on point, but after seeing Dieminion use him on East Coast streams, I saw his potential as a decent anchor because of his hybrid zoning/rushdown playstyle.
  7. RR's definitely a shocker to those who thought he'd be a wasted slot. I kind of wish he played more like Cable though.
  8. "I love the smell of napalm in the morning!" Rocket Raccoon/Frank West are here at last!
  9. Yes, but probably not to that extreme. A maximum of 3 cards means the core gameplay of MVC3 remains largely the same. It certainly won't "feel" like you are playing Street Fighter when one bnb combo consists mostly of chains that can take 50-75% of your life. Guilty Gear is much more compatible, though. Maybe we can see stuff like RC's that cost 1 bar, or instant blocking.
  10. I'm so happy! I got to try out UMVC3 for the second time at New York Comic Con! Ghost Rider is such a beast. I even got my arcade stick and poster signed by the producer, Niitsuma! For those who haven't seen the new dlc mode: Is anyone going to get the new strategy guide? The guys who made the MVC3 guide really nailed it by including frame data, character analysis, and a glossary with fighting game terms. Right now, the UMVC3 guide is looking to be 600 pages long! If you preorder it from Amazon you get 8 dollars off. http://www.amazon.com/Ultimate-Marvel-C ... =pd_sim__2
  11. OBJECTION! Nova/Phoenix Wright incoming!
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    Sits on Trying to connect for a minute, then times out. This is as of 2:01PM CST I think I got it now, try again .
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    That's your local IP address, isn't it? People can't connect to it if you're using a router. The ip of a TF2 server I made for some peeps on Shoryuken had my router ip (w/ last 3 digits of your choice) + a port I forwarded so people could join. Actually, I used "Whatsmyip.org" to find my external. But as I've mentioned I believe it's a port forwarding issue. I was hoping it wouldn't be, but it appears that it is. And since I can't actually log into the router to forward the ports, it appears I'm stuck. Sounds like you are going to have to buy your own router for this then. Lemme try making a server now Edit: Try this ip
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    That's your local IP address, isn't it? People can't connect to it if you're using a router. The ip of a TF2 server I made for some peeps on Shoryuken had my router ip (w/ last 3 digits of your choice) + a port I forwarded so people could join.
  15. Well lets be realistic here. Capcom knows that this game might not sell as well as Vanilla MVC3. They are prepared for that. What they also understood was that Spectator mode was a highly requested feature. If they needed to make a retail disc in order add this mode along with refining the engine, I can understand the need to make a full retail disc. I doubt they will try this with SF X T though. The team handling that is the SF4 devs, and they are already going to release AE 2012 as a free update. They are probably working on character DLC implementation as we speak.
  16. Oh man, I hope they reveal him and Nova at TGS. They seem to make the most sense for the Japanese audience.
  17. Sorry to double post but Vergil and Iron Fist have just been announced! Vergil seems to have a more straightforward moveset than Dante and his level 3 is unique because afaik it only works during Devil Trigger. Iron Fist... I'm contemplating whether I'm gonna drop She-hulk for him lol, even though he only has physical attacks, it looks like he can hold his own without needing projectile assists to back him up.
  18. "Hemblemblem..., huh? Oh look, I can finally post these!" Nemesis looks mighty fine! He has hyper armor on some of his moves, and even moreso on his swinging arm hyper. He is a walking powerhouse, plain and simple.
  19. Actually, it was only 2D until just recently. Dragon Ball Z Zenkai Battle Royale was the first commercial 3D game to use GGPO netcode. Sadly, the game is only out for Japanese arcades. It only links from one arcade cabinet to another in a different game center.
  20. ...This is the actual name of the acronym(or at least what i think he is talking about),s o plz dont get mad over this Do u mean Gay Guys Playing Online? Cant u do that with Brawl now, or is that only for Kaillera? Err no, but it is sorta like Kaillera because it is a netcode designed for near lagless gameplay in 2D games (specifically fighting games).http://ggpo.net/ You can try it out for yourself and compare the online experience with Kaillera. You would need the ROM files, obviously but I can't tell you where to get them here of course. All I can say is GGPO is by far the best netcode for fighting games as of now.
  21. If Ono-san is the producer, I hope he doesn't include input-shortcuts and slow hitstun/blockstun that allows huge reversal windows like in "you-know-what"
  22. Saw the grand finals live and god it was hype. Congrats to Viscant and PR Rog; that match was too good.At 5:20 Tron says "I--think--I--can, I--think--I--can." And to anyone who is saddened by the roster choices for UMVC3, there is something interesting to note. Lupinko, the guy who leaked the existence of UMVC3, Vanilla MVC3, and it's characters, shared some reassuring tweets recently: http://i.imgur.com/2M3q9.png
  23. Yup that kid Noah was very entertaining to watch, but so was everything else about MVC3 pools lol. I cannot wait for finals!!!