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  1. Not that bad in my opinion Is whit a bad word? (I don't see what else it could be) Nah, whit isn't a bad word at all. I'm not sure what he is actually talking about though. Anyways, hows it been guys?
  2. I have to agree I find myself checking back here at least once every couple months.
  3. I was just watching a couple videos of it and I actually am more excited for it now then I was when I first saw it. I just hope it comes out soon trick jumping in Halo has definitely lost its flair for me and most of the games I have are getting really old
  4. I'm not really sure if I even want to buy BBT anymore. I was really excited for it when it was first announced but now I'm always busy with other projects whenever I'm online and I hardly have time to just mess around in a game anymore.
  5. Time to put another notch in the desk. How have you been? I'm goin for the record. lol I'm not really sure how I have been the last couples months have just been a blur of school, friends, and Halo. Has anyone else left since I last visited?
  6. I have no idea. I would think we sound different. These last two or three posts have been the rightful owner, anyways. It all starts with this. First she moves into his signature, then they'll be sharing an avatar, and then BOOM! Little milk boys and girls posting in the spam forum. Correct me if I'm wrong but I'm quite sure that is not how it works. Lol
  7. So how exactly are we supposed to know who we are talking to?
  8. Are you back for good? Probably not I just like to come back every once in awhile and see how everyone is doing.
  9. Burly bear Cardinal Piggy Seahorse Snailburt Zebra Troll Monkeyface Install ball Beholder Chicken Owlet Pazzo Hawkster
  10. Banned because I am unable to change colors to write my original ban for you.
  11. Banned for being confused when I wasn't trying to confuse you.