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  1. Banned for spelling Pelter right.
  2. I find it hard, but not too hard, just enough to make you replay a level over... And over... And over...
  3. Banned because I remember that too, now I spend all my time playing TF2 (X-box version and cpu )
  4. Banned because I left /b/ today, and I suppose I'll start hangin' around here again.
  5. granted, but it created a paradox, killing thousands, inculding you. I wish I could feel the sunshine.
  6. Fails because it isn't Tails Doll. Tails Doll.
  7. Ahomelesskitten

    Clown Hominid

    Tricky Homonid HD? Nice pic, It's better than my stuff
  8. Granted, but learning the hidden powers of corupting a wish corrupt you. I wish I was on TB forums more often
  9. Banned because I missed you too
  10. your banned for having an awesome playlist.