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  1. While living in a secret lair in the Earth's core did you ever dream about attacking the surface world? Ask me about being the clone of a clone... of a clone.
  2. Depends on how quick you did 'em. When I was on a roll, I'd say between 1:30 and 2 mins, but that's just the beginning. I know they're going to get insane.
  3. Probably the same jerk who cemented this rhino to the highway! What is helping verb?
  4. Aaaaaaannnnnnddddd.... NOW it's stuck in my head.
  5. I dunno... I always feel extra powerful when playing the Russian guy.
  6. I mean rocks and moose antlers can only be worth so much, right?
  7. Good question. Yeah, can we download starting at 12:01 AM EST? How is that going to work?
  8. As a cookie with extra strawberries do you ever get sad they your kind will NEVER be President? Ask me about Jesus Zombie Day!
  9. I know you're probably referring to the main Sonic series of games, but I think its worth mentioning that this is a great game Totally agree with both these posts. Sonic 3 and Knuckles was the best in the series. It was colorful, the bosses were tough and required strategy and timing, the power-up were great and added a whole new level of playability, and on top of all of that Hyper Knuckles, 'nuff said. And the Sonic & All Stars Racing series is now something I'll really pay attention to after the second installment. It really is the closest thing we're ever gonna get to Mario Kart on the X-Box and it's a really good substitute.
  10. That's because you haven't been here for more than a month. You don't quite get irony do you?
  11. Tooth: hurty? I always forget how that joke works. How DOES that joke work?
  12. It's out the window because it receives too much praise. Sonic or Smash Bros? ...bro.
  13. Thank you. I've been wanting this too We're discussing it already, don't worry. We're going to flip a coin on it. Might destroy a feature or two. Why? I don't see a problem with the quotes.
  14. Uhhh... M-m-m-mr. G-g-g-goldeng-g-g-gghost... Oh God your eyes, they're so focused... Ask me about my pet rat and no his name isn't Ben!