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  1. banned fer bein tha madbestkiller.
  2. There has to be a giant cat boss at least once in this epic game
  3. banned fo yo crazy huge text!
  4. I hope we don't have to fight hatty dat would jus break my heart ta fight my old buddy
  5. banned fer watever yer coolio avatar pic is!
  6. banned cos reggae music is king!
  7. Or can we? (DUN DUN DUUUN) If not i'm sure it'll still bee worth di wait
  8. do the characters in tha fish's eyes mean or say anything in english?
  9. You probably mean frisbees, you throw them and they explode a couple of seconds after landing proximity frisbee's niice
  10. banned fer still playin COD 2. get wit tha times baby its all about COD black ops
  11. banned fer yer armed penguin
  12. well we can count on it bein done dis year
  14. ey dan will there be downloadable updates fer BBT with all new faces and levels?
  15. Well there were no official release date, but it's not out yet. On tha website it said in 2010 game 3 would be released. so now that it's 2011 we can only hope BBT will be comin soon
  16. more monsters!? nah all we need are huge scary cats
  17. Mr. Hatty is a must have figurine.
  18. fame points? thats sounds kinda B.A. like in Fable can u tell us more dan??
  19. There is nothing normal on Hatty's Hat I AGREE! there must be sum sort of mystical magical power wit it!