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  1. Im preeettyyy sure microsoft does not ban your system :S :S ... they ban your gamertag -.-
  2. sigh.. you CAN view the forums as a guest first of all.. I don't know why you would think otherwise and secondly he means that wanting to post this idea is what made him join.
  3. No way, not for cc that would ruin life.
  4. Your doing a really good job on all of the sprites man keep up the good work, hopefully Dan will help you asap!
  5. Not hard at all just jump at him and start juggling! I agree with mostly everyone else, Necro battle insane solo.
  6. It does?! I thought all the characters leveled up equally. They all do level up equally I guess he means it's EASIER for some to level up than others because of there magic ( Industrialist and Fencer )
  7. He said he's not doing this because he does not know what they do, its just for fun ^^
  8. He also shoots golden arrows and looks cool in beefy mode
  9. Good idea! It'd be awesome winning the kiss fight as a princess
  10. We can only hope.. I should've been way higher than I am right now -.- lame hackers.
  11. All the weapons including the golden mace? o.o notttt the kings sceptar the golden spiked mace
  12. OR MAYBEEEE The orange princess is still out there waiting to be rescued and the orange knight is not tricky at all That would be cool