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  1. Zoned

    Find people to play CC with here!

    I was trying to get through insane solo with the Gray Knight 2 and I just cant seem to get through the second wave of necromancer. Help would be appreciated. PM me or message me on XBox Live to make a time GT- oZ0NED 0UTo
  2. Zoned

    Level 99s!!!

    so you bought the game around the dlc pack? cool! Why do you like humans so much? lol Yeah, I guess . For the 2nd q, I don't. I just like the characters that have faces not covered by a helmet.
  3. Zoned

    Level 99s!!!

    1st Gray Knight 2 - The first character I used in the game. Love him. 2nd Civilian - :3 Yeah, they're basically identical. My next 99 hopefully won't be be another Arrow Guy, maybe the Beekeeper or Skeleton.
  4. Zoned

    dan if you would.

    Yeah, a few people here have already suggested that. The dev team isn't that big so that would take some time.
  5. Zoned

    Best Character?

    Red and Blue Knights. My fav is any of the arrow guys.
  6. Kinda sucks we'll never see these guys on the forum after the promo
  7. Zoned


    Behemoth Loves ME!
  8. Zoned

    favorite castle crashers character

    Gray Knight 2. I picked him mainly of his appearance though. For magic, I would pick Brute.
  9. Zoned

    The Trading Post - Weapons Trade Topic

    Its probably coming out with the Necromancer DLC...which hasn't been given a date yet.
  10. Zoned

    The Trading Post - Weapons Trade Topic

    I can give u all of these weapons, if u help me beat the game with one of my charecters. My gt is stealthX21 I will be on this weekend. Please send me a xbox live voice message, saying that u need help. I'll help you beat the game, bro, but all I need is the Sai
  11. Zoned

    The Trading Post - Weapons Trade Topic

    Alright, example of a trade. Level: Tall Grass Field Player 1 digs up lobster Player 1 picks up lobster and drops Weapon Player 2 picks up Weapon Trade done (I think)
  12. Zoned

    The Trading Post - Weapons Trade Topic

    I need help getting these swords: •Rapier •Bloodstained Sword •Black Morning Star •Sai I have all swords but those if you need some to. My GT is in my sig.
  13. Zoned

    Whats your favorit character stuff

    Open Visor Gray Knight, Civilian, and Snakey Don't really care much for the weapons though.
  14. Zoned

    Find people to play CC with here!

    Send me an invite when your ready. My gamertag is in my siggy.
  15. Zoned

    Confessions of an Insane Soloist

    Thanks for typing this up, man.