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  1. The Knights get captured and the princesses have to save them. Princess characters woooo!
  2. 1. Green Knight 2. Brute 3. Snakey (Forest Knight) Animal Orb=Giraffey Weapon=Two-Pronged Sword
  3. Did anyone else notice the soccer ball and the net looking block during the trailer? This game is probably going to have so many game modes and minigames. Behemoth has outdone themselves again
  4. This looks really awesome and I love the fan art. This should be made and for some reason I like it that the knights are evil
  5. Yes! I will start hacking into Microsoft and Behemoths networks and adding him/her now! (Plus put out the necromancer pack!)
  6. Behemoth should make one last knight. THE PINK KNIGHT! Seriously I want to kill things with hearts and stuff. (That would be its magic... LOVE! ) Shoot a heart out for B. Shoot a pink ray of light for Y. The jump could be a plethora of hearts that burst you into the air. Just think about winning in the arena with that character
  7. ...and maybe even some play sets! That would be uber awesome! Think about it!
  8. Yep I play all the time... you must just be unlucky... Oh well, keep trying you will get a game.
  9. When the next content pack comes out who all will have "100%" of the known game items unlocked? (That is if its the size of the King Pack.) *Signs*
  10. I have them all. My only 99 is the Green Knight though.
  11. How about a whole collection of characters more action figure oriented. Bosses and all. Have every figure come with a few weapons and end up having a few series that would hopefully make up every major boss, every playable character and include every weapon and hopefully a few duplicate weapons so some can use the same or dual wield. Don't forget the animal orbs, and make the shields exchangeable... maybe even arms, head and legs to make crazy combinations of characters. That would be awesome