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  1. Banned because your picture in the extended signature is about a drink.
  2. That's NOT worse than the rick roll. The acid rick roll is.
  3. You got this from the song "Over the Rainbow."
  4. Banned because your true ninja looks cool.
  5. Banned because you have 3 pictures of ninjas now.
  6. I like the avatar. And the comic's called Cyanide and Happiness.
  7. The clown is Tricky. He's in every Behemoth game.
  8. Fails because that won't happen. Human Population:0
  9. Banned because you told him that.
  10. Granted but then they changed the kills of shark attacks to 10 I wish que personne ne peut traduire cette.
  11. Banned because volontà hai bisogno di tradurre questo.
  12. Banned because you also made me one as well.
  13. Granted but it was you. I wish Burger King would give me my way. *Trust me, they don't let you do some stuff*