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  1. How many seconds was that? 12. In your face!
  2. Throw in some words in this sentence like number 10.
  3. Le me and le friends walking. Le stumble across 3. Le epic Pokemon battle begins. Challenge accepted. It's troll versus 3. Troll uses trolling mechanism. 3 is forced to go rage guy. 3 rages so hard it loses all it's health. Troll face: Problem? Three trees tee fee she he see me. Wow. Lots of things rhyme with three.
  4. I think I 5ee that think is composed of how many letters? 1, 2, 3, 4... Wut comes after 4? Yes, 5. And think is composed of 5 letters. 5o is Chris, Kelly, gamer, and rocks! I replaced s a few times with 5. Why are you 5till reading this? 5top reading this. Derp, derp, derp, derp, derp. 5 derps. Derps, Derpy, and Ditzy are composed of 5 letters too... PO5T the next number already. <-- 5 words... Oh derp.
  5. I'll post l2 before the mods reset the operation to 0. (My 12 is an l and a 2. *SQUEE*)
  6. That's an 8 right? So... Do you see the answer? Also, my last post says thee and three. Which one do you think it is? Cause after all, legends can be told differently.
  7. Three shall pass as far as the legend goes.
  8. Do note that I said the releasing date of the release date. Not the game. Herpa derpa Derpy Hooves.
  9. I'm actually saving some Microsoft points. 1400 MSP. But seeing how BBT still does not have a release date, that's subject to change sometime. Although, I think BBT will have it's release date released sometime in March or April. I don't know why. I've asked to change my user name I guess, in 2010? But it was never answered. I'm thinking of asking again, but I'm totally unsure of it being answered.
  10. OMG, I hate Robot Chicken for making an MLP parody. Anyways, PieGuy is banned for not having a signature, except for, Quote, I guess I'm doomed to not having a signature. Unquote.
  11. Shhhhhhhhhhhhh... DuDE! I am trying to make TheBehemoth feel like they are loosing sales so they will release it, dont you see my master plan???? Yay?
  12. Why have you posted this here in BattleBlock Theater topics? This topic doesn't belong here...
  13. I'm banning you for joining The Behemoth... at 9:00PM!
  14. Oh really? I made you angry so much because I trolled you. You then didn't want to be trolled again, so you left. I am the king.
  15. The release date should be this year. If it isn't released by the end of this year, I will rage, looking like this.