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  1. I came into the playlist expecting to fly through it. After dying several times near the start of the first level, I realized that this would be an actual challenge. Tons of fun! Lots of areas that I spent ages on, only to realize that there were some cleverly hidden teleporters or blocks. I loved seeing a wide variety of mechanics (especially the rocks + invisible blocks or ducksharks walking on air) Great choice, hope to see more like this in the future!
  2. Tricky is already in the game, though? I had made this before I knew there was a clown head Oh well, guess I'll have to design another!
  3. I had my gold trophy on while playing the Furbottom co-op yesterday. My partner quit out and someone joined in. He ran up to me, stood still for a bit (in awe?) then proceeded to hit me around for a bit. I think he was impressed by it's awesomeness...
  4. Finally did it! Once I got past 8-4 everything was a breeze! I think it was 8-6 or so where there is a robot right at the end. I almost did it on my first run, but the missile hit me as I was jumping to the exit, and all I could do is watch as my limbs and head landed on it :'( So worth it though, look how shiny that thing is!
  5. So why are some bronze, some silver, and some gold? o.O
  6. LOOK CHILDREN, A GOLDEN HAT! NO. The amount of times I have died because Stamper decided I need to risk my 1 life for 10 stinkin gems is starting to get on my nerves I was RIGHT at the end of 8-4 I think, and who shows up? Mr. ImGonnaPausetheGameAndShowYouAGoldenHat I can't wait to finish these last few chapters >_>
  7. Half way through Chapter 6... The first 5 were pretty easy, but I just know this is going to be annoying.
  8. Acid bubble for the win. I've found it super helpful in the story mode since you can launch one, bounce off of it and get an extra jump too. It lets you skip some parts of levels and it is really helpful in co-op when your partner isn't too cooperative
  9. Almost done the rectangle heads... 3 more, and now they're 20 each D: This is going to be painful.