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  1. I'll say 19, to match with the age of the milk mod
  2. haha thanks dude, I can't really say I'm back though, just remembered you guys and thought of saying hi.
  3. Enjoy it (if you know what i mean) If I kill a morbidly obesse person is it murder or MASSIVE MURDER?
  4. Sometimes I question why there's a serious section here. For those who want serious conversations. You don't have to be an adult to have mature conversation. I kind of agree with both, there's no problem if people can actually tell if the advice is good or bad, but since most users are kids/teenagers that's probably rare. But for all I have seen most people go to serious town to talk about their problem rather than looking for actual advice, most of the guys/gals here just want to vent their problems. I guess it's a combination of being anonymous and feeling "surrounded" by people who share your hobbies what gives the reassurance they won't be mistreated (it still happens though).
  5. Mmm I see sense of humor isn't as common around here as it used to be...
  6. Those were just images created by a member/moderator of this community eons ago Link to said thread created by shesjustaglitch EDIT: Sorry for taking like 7 months to reply dude
  7. Pretty awesome. I want to see more No but really, that's pretty good in my humble opinion.
  8. I have said this several times before but I will repeat it since I have the time and stuff. BBT was expected to be released on 2010 and many people joined just because of that, also, many people left because of the annoying people who joined because of that, and then people left because people left and then I left so... That's basically what happened. Now I came back and I see a beta is going to happen. So basically "I see you have many inactive uninterested users, so I release a beta so you can have more inactive users while your active users keep leaving"
  9. I might be hallucinating but i think somewhere in the beta thing thread it says it will be released this year...
  10. I voted no just because the game and the community are basically dead (from my point of view) and it sounds like your effort would go to waste to be honest. However I think that since you seem to know a lot about the game it won't take you that long and people might actually learn a thing or two from it. All in all is up to you; and you probably didn't need to ask people since it's your time anyway and it looks like some try to discourage you.
  11. You can suck stuff, just not like kirby (he is magical) How would you call a doctor with no arms?
  12. She was so drunk, she was literally drubbing the captain. I couldn't believe my luck as she started retrieving the cherry nose. If you know what i mean Mmmm makes me wonder.