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  1. Kellom


    Very well made.
  2. Too lazy to update all the stuff right now but expect it to happen by the end of the day.
  3. Why would so many people lie about having it done that way if it wasn't true? There have been like five people who have said they have SEEN the king die, maybe you just messed up and killed the bees or something, but you don't have to be so stubborn. You aren't the only person who has beaten insane mode out there.
  4. We keep going until someone forces us to stop... ... Bundesstra├če_103_number.svg/200px-Bundesstra├če_103_number.svg.png Couldn't get link to work...
  5. Way way way way way way way too late on this one bud. Sorry.
  6. Totally using the burning anikan(spelling?) one... I love it!XD
  7. Mines too big as well. Also, updated the 100 post.
  8. That would be interesting if they added a castle crashers element to it, which I hope they won't because I like variety.
  9. Yea sorry about that here it is... 100!!! Warning, its big
  10. Back on the windows thing.
  12. Two more 99s and you will be first again XD
  13. No glitching for any of those? And no I will not put up the necromancer
  14. 2 More level 99s for you and you'll have half you characters at 99.