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  1. thats becus hes not dlc im sure you have to buy BBT to get him like you did for the alien on castle crashers
  2. sickjustin

    Pink Knight!

    becus its not dlc its going to be a update to the game so only fixes and adding the pink knight
  3. sickjustin

    No Pink Knight for Europe PSN? =(

    what about for the xbox 360 update any word on when thats come or download? thanks
  4. sickjustin

    Pink Knight!

    when is the pink knight going to be updated to the game on the 360
  5. sickjustin

    Fashionably Late to the Castle Crashing Party

    i would love the pink knight if that is going out soon plz that would be sweet
  6. sickjustin

    Anniversary Clock gone Crazy

    its y2kastlecrashers
  7. sickjustin

    Behemoth around the Globe

    newark DE
  8. sickjustin

    Countdown to the Anniversary,and the Pink Knight.

    i think there going to tell us the date for the necro pack and say the pink knights in it to sweet
  9. sickjustin


    no its not the games in the usa
  10. sickjustin


    in a way its like castle crashers but you ig jobs like thf and acher and mage you lvl up and you team up with 3 others if you want to. but yeah check the site out
  11. sickjustin

    Skeleton Battle Tee! (contest closed)

    i hope i win somthing becus i was on to then my net was down so it sucked i got kick of the site for the rest of the night
  12. sickjustin

    Skeleton Battle Tee! (contest closed)

    everyone thats online now gets one that would be cool but thats wishful thinking
  13. sickjustin

    Skeleton Battle Tee! (contest closed)

    What? ender said the same this i did pick me pick me
  14. sickjustin

    Skeleton Battle Tee! (contest closed)

    dont copy me cheater lol jk