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  1. blue knight because blue is my favorite color.
  2. Banned for banning Kelly.
  3. Jazz182

    In Due Time

    i seen how this is done take apart the microve to where all the components still work take the thing that does the microwaving called the magnetron and put it under the table turn it on just before calling the phones and wait for the popcorn. I tried this before i knew how it worked.
  4. banned for having da instead the in you name.
  5. I found out that the ending music was changed. I listened to both and I think the old sounds better, and im wondering what other people think. old- new- (its at the very end of this vid)
  6. Jazz182

    The Fail Game

    because rick rolls revolve around him. DDR
  7. you get halo 3 I insert a DDR dance pad
  8. Jazz182

    The Fail Game

    Fails because of sibling rivalry. twinkies
  9. i start to eat the baguette but choke and die. i drop a twinkie
  10. When was a worm shown in the game? Whenever i see it i always call it the techno worm.