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  1. haha very funny, NOT ( abusing the edit text button silly moderorator )
  2. (back momentarily). Two words; Crapping Owl.
  3. HackFoil

    I Quit

    Yup I quit This game used to be fun, but now it's too boring I mean there's no new maps or crap and god how long does it take to add 5 more lines of code for more chars. I was saving my points for necro, but the game is too crap now You probably won't see me on this site ( until game 3 is released ) So yeah, bye -Foil
  4. what do you want to do for them? Probably design or code, ps feedle wanna play arena tomorrow?
  5. In arena levels and magic don't count for jack, and with glork.... Are you an idiot ? Ohemgee I'm loosing to a lvl 256 at a game where u press 2 buttons!!!
  6. HackFoil

    Stone Face?

    Stove Face, Hes the guy on the lava levels, with the red armor and the wings
  7. Hah Epic Fail by you once again, its a glitch when you climb, you get frozen and randomly all the items flash in the items box
  8. There's nothing in the dig spot at end of game, I got my glitched friend to stand in the way
  9. A few of you may know this, but i didnt see any topics so i decided to post on the final battle, you can not get hit by the 4 red crystals that attack you, leaving you invunerable i doodles this pic in paint just to make it more clear the blue guy is the area in wich u cant get hit,
  10. They're already working on game 3, so stop bugging them mr.iwannabaneveryone