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  1. Already known pretty sure, at least I know it and use it.
  2. Its Tricky the clown, a rather disgusting flash on New Grounds.
  3. By the way the char I sent to you was a joke. I get a strong feeling you took it seriously.
  4. I would feel hurt if some one was trying to sell a specially made figurine for them.
  5. Kelly when you say more awesomist CC styled Xbox do you mean a specified colored one with our favorite character on it? If this was already asked sorry, I didn't feel like reading all that much.
  6. How is this even bad? You act like beating the last boss is an amazing feat.
  7. Anyone with an industrialist or fencer (or 256s) with max agil and magic win.
  8. switch snakey or brute for red knight and your 100% correct No, Brute and Snakey. The amount of thorns they can shoot at once is better then red knight holding RTY. Also for anyone who's going to/has said king.
  9. McBankington

    CC live?

    No problem brutha.
  10. I think we should have to work for it but not that much, like maybe start us off with the wizard minion then make him unlock the Necromancer then have us buy the weapons from a new shop at the wizard bosses interior.
  11. Iceskimo can still freeze regardless, he only runs out of mana when he casts a spell in the air (with one shot) if thats one you mean, on ground hes fine. His RTB is just like anyone elses, I would rather have stuns then 12 health per minute. The only time king can manage to get heals is once everythings dead and everyoen circles around him uses his whole mana bar, waits for it to regain then use his whole mana bar then regain half then use it all then you'll probably have 3/4 of your health. Hawkster defeats the purpose of king since a king with full magic only heals 12 and it takes some time for his circle to circle thats more then enough to get beat on.
  12. Forgotten if ou want evil Stoveface Conehead Brute and fencer. -.- Also best team would be Blue Knight Red Knight Fencer and Iceskimo. Ice and blue for CC red for general control with damage and Fencer for downing bosses ASAP.
  13. Secretly down at Microsoft all the leaders there realized that they had yet to add the new DLC, then when looking for it to put it up they had forgot where they put it, so they panicked and didn't want to hurt all of our fans feelings that it would never be released and Behemoth would have to re make it. So they mailed the Xboxes to Behemoth and said "Don't worry, everything k, and under control!" and now their running around wondering what to do. I'll shut up.
  14. All magics hit him in the air for me. Also for spider I just recommend magic jumping as soon as his health starts filling up then juggle, the only thing that he`ll be able to hit you with is a swipe he gets lucky with. (I also find this to be a `spider`form.)