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  1. Eeeh, kinda. He TOLD me to leave at a certain time. I thought it was just like a skip-a-level glitch or somethin. So, wth, I did. And I ended up having all 256s, except for the knight I was using.
  2. i no but when the DLC comes out I will i just hope it doesnt like automatically do it for downloaded characters | V
  3. Ok guys, we all know hackers can make their characters 256. Nothing new. So I happened to start playing with one, and he said, "Hey, try somethin for me. Leave the game and go into Local." So, what the heck, I left. Hackers are annoying So I went into local, AND ALL MY CHARACTERS WERE LEVEL 256!!! WTFF!!! Please understand I DONT HACK and I didnot intend this. I do not want to get banned for something I did not do
  4. lol this isn't news dude... not to be an a$$h0l3 or anything
  5. i honestly hope your a girl..... if not, you might wanna see a doctor or somethin
  6. HAhahaha i'd laugh at SOOO many ppl if it came out and there wasn't even a Necromanver!! Oh man!!! But anyway, neither have I. I've never actually seen proof of it. And March 30th isNOT the DLC release date. Its just the lowering of the price for AHHD (Alien Hominid)
  7. couldn't agree more....except it loves moe not you....
  8. "A pot of gold" I vote you as Pres and I'll join I'll be a supermod. I'm good with computers and designing, especially movie editing, effects, and acting V My GT is Vinny554 btw.
  9. Well, it took too long now Im bored of the game permanently now. I know its not Behemoth's fault. But now, its just not worth paying for. If its ever free, Ill download it but now its a waste.
  10. Honeslty, I dunno. To clear things up: I MEAN THE WIZARD BOSS NOT THE MINION!!!! The necro is just too cool, but the Wizard is, well, the Wizard!! You decide. I cant.... Check the video below!!