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  1. I would love to get a code cause my brother took my hard drive to college and i don't have castle crashers anymore!! Please I'm desperate!
  2. IT'S ALMOST BEEN 2 MONTHS! Are you not working!
  3. have you abandoned the requests or are you just putting in a lot of work
  4. it's gonna do the same thing as the seal in the King DLC, it will "occasionally" shoot fire at the opponent. occasionally=NEVER!
  5. Sorry, but i would rather judge when there are more contestants
  6. JNA, I know this is a lot to ask, but could you also make Smashin Brutes club mods, supermods, Vp, and member sigs. You're are really gonna help make this club last, sigs make it seem more official.
  7. You and psibat are complaining like two little school girls
  8. What is going on in this thread, one click and 2 preteens are having a crying contest
  9. For the other two admins, I made a requests to "JNAtheDude" to make us Smashin Brutes Sigs
  10. I don't won't to annoy you but on the list you said my name was "Tourque360" it's actually "Torque360"