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  1. oh dang i just found the trailer was there! Uhh well, i dunno then o_o!
  2. How can we think of a title when we don't know what game 3 is about?
  3. Here's Dan post on the thread *Cool story bro (something)* There ya go Tho no date is confirmed,it's just up to microsoft
  4. This doesn't really look like it would take place in the CC universe, unfortunately. I'm actually glad, kind of. I love Castle Crashers, but I would be disappointed if it Game 3 was a sequel or was even in the same universe as CC. I want something new. Yes,something new is awesomeness!
  5. Govinster is evolving! Govinster evolved into Mudkip! Soren wants to learn Bubblebeam! But Govinster doesn't have enough room! Delete an older move to make room for Bubblebeam? 1...2...3... Poof! Govinster forgot Revive... and Soren learned Bubblebeam! Rofl. And we never knew the winner
  6. Maybe something is wrong with your console and not your Xbox Live.
  7. No,just show your support to TB by buying AHHD It's far from being a waste of ca$h.
  8. Xyranox

    level 264?

    I still can't figure out what's so cool/fun glitching Lvls.
  9. Think you could do a alien hominid(The CC one)? It would be awesome! Thankies.
  10. -Space Pirates- a.k.a. Thieves Forest is my fav one
  11. Xyranox


    Doubt it,at least not when it's coming out,TB deserves thoses MPs for all the good work they are doing! Just wait and see,or don't wait and buy it!
  12. look above you please. No worries Dan,even if it takes a few more months the day it will be out i'm buying it
  13. Quite all true,just a pure waste of time and uhh,clicks
  14. At the end you'll be glad to be payed for doing nothing Nope, I prefer doing work at a job, as doing nothing makes time feel like it's coming to a crawl. At electronics, there's always something to do or someone who wants help, making the shift feel like it's going by faster. Plus I know what I'm talking about more in electronics than furniture Electronics stuff is win! Cept sometimes wal mart lacks of electronic stuff or too cheap But at least the price sometimes worth it