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  1. Again with all the new members. Read other threads first, you might get the droids you're looking for there.
  2. Dang! All these new members making posts that have been covered ages ago. I mean I don't post much but I have been here for longer than a year.
  3. He meant PAX East. Remember, the one not in Seattle that was debut not so long ago.
  4. Yeah I remember I had difficulty on the Desert level. But like someone already said, try it by yourself because there are fewer scarabs.
  5. Gewok

    Squishy Chicken.

    There have been discussions on this in other threads. I believe they said that they may, but it depends on the success of them at comic-con.
  6. Incedentally what happened to the king/chicken contest on Twitter yesterday? Sorry I'm being impatient but I really hope I won since I can't order stuff from the store. I live in England and the shipping for figures is the same price as the figure itself. :l
  7. Yeah thank you everyone but seriousley, what happened with the sudden abscence of Comp0?
  8. Still posting I'm glad you all like the thread what happened to Comp0 anyway? I havnt been on in a while and he just suddenly dissapeard. Was he banned, and if so, why?
  9. I just read in the recent dev-blog that the volleyball mode would be PS3 exclusive, why guys? Us Xbox players have been loyal to castle crashers for over a year now, can't you make it into DLC or in an update?
  10. Looks really good guys! Didn't expect the title but looks like it will work well! In my opinion it looks like a cross between that movie 'The Condemned' mixed with PDA games lol .
  11. Hi im Gewok, and I love playing video games, playing guitar and watching movies. I am a part of a clan called Hax, a three man tribute to DasBoShitt. When I leave school I hope to work in the games industry with the two other members from my clan.... even though that is highly unlikely but you know . I am a huge fan of games like Left 4 Dead, Left 4 Dead 2, Fallout 3, Borderlands and other great games. I live in England and have a love for tea and coffe.
  12. I'm glad you guys are still posting on this topic! kelly posted twice
  13. Granted, but the pony does wierd stuff to you while you sleep. butt stuff. I wish for a talking snail that can play the opening tune to the peoples court on piano.
  14. Im a good drawer, but I wish I could say I was at least good enough with computers to make one of my drawings into a signature.