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  1. I do really agree! Fable 2 was a let down and when I first got it it didnt even feel like a Fable game.. I just hope LionHead dont screw up Fable III (when it comes) and finally live up to what Peter Moleneux says.
  2. Yeah me too! I didnt think it looked that great before, but with this video it looked really fun to play! I just hope there are alot of weapons and powerups I really like the idea of the game but the only "problem" is that it will suck playing singleplayer(if there aint any special campaign or smth lol), but its still a really cool game! I wish I was there to try it!
  3. Its creepy that DenisDenis wrote like this when he posted his guess(?):
  4. This is the funniest idea Ive ever read on this forum ^^ hahaha.. Would love to eat my weapon so I dissarm myself and get beaten up without any weapon in my hand
  5. I got it, cant pass the first stage though its soo hard xD. You drive in a car and try to dodge tons of bombs and stuff falling from the sky
  6. Castle Crashing the Beard +
  7. Dezzan

    Chicken Orb tributes

    hahhaha amazing work mate!
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    You should've gotten a 360 instead of a ps3 . But no, none of the developers have even spoken of making it to another console.
  9. Exactly. If you do the towel trick, the 360 works for now - but gets way worse afterwards.
  10. It seems like a few people still got problems with the connection thingy. Not sure if there's anything to do about it
  11. I think its just one of those commercial bots that always comes into forums .