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  1. I do really agree! Fable 2 was a let down and when I first got it it didnt even feel like a Fable game.. I just hope LionHead dont screw up Fable III (when it comes) and finally live up to what Peter Moleneux says.
  2. Yeah me too! I didnt think it looked that great before, but with this video it looked really fun to play! I just hope there are alot of weapons and powerups I really like the idea of the game but the only "problem" is that it will suck playing singleplayer(if there aint any special campaign or smth lol), but its still a really cool game! I wish I was there to try it!
  3. Its creepy that DenisDenis wrote like this when he posted his guess(?):
  4. This is the funniest idea Ive ever read on this forum ^^ hahaha.. Would love to eat my weapon so I dissarm myself and get beaten up without any weapon in my hand
  5. I got it, cant pass the first stage though its soo hard xD. You drive in a car and try to dodge tons of bombs and stuff falling from the sky
  6. Castle Crashing the Beard +
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    Chicken Orb tributes

    hahhaha amazing work mate!
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    You should've gotten a 360 instead of a ps3 . But no, none of the developers have even spoken of making it to another console.
  9. Exactly. If you do the towel trick, the 360 works for now - but gets way worse afterwards.
  10. It seems like a few people still got problems with the connection thingy. Not sure if there's anything to do about it
  11. I think its just one of those commercial bots that always comes into forums .
  12. No its not a virus. The only thing that CAN delete your save, is playing online.
  13. It's actually your own fault. Especially after losing everything once, then you should've read on forums what caused the problem, and then never play CC online untill the update is released. It's the online thing that causes these losses.
  14. Yup. There exist some kind of resistance. The Fire Crasher's magic isn't very effective at those dragon/demon guys at the lava level for example.
  15. The fishing pole 50% [ 2 ] Best weapon!
  16. That video have been posted before, Kelly (I think) told us that those are old items, that they scrapped a long time ago... But it seems like the icons are still in the game.
  17. This is something I've wondered about but never asked about. But here my question finally is. Both Snoot & Burly Bear do have the same bonuses. +2 Strenght. Are they supposed to be like this? Is there any story about them like you had a other idea for one of them, but later just changed both to +2 strenght? Why are they both +2 strenght? Etc... I would really like a Moderator answer (hopefully from someone who made Castle Crashers and can tell us the exact answer). P.S. Snoot is better in one way though...he is way cooler.
  18. When will Tom release that update...
  19. Dan Paladin once said in a interview that he dont like follow-ups of games. So im pretty sure there wont be a Alien Hominid 2 or Castle Crashers 2
  20. Character: Lich Weapon: Skull-on-a-stick (+1 Strength, +3 Magic, -2 Defense) Level: 10 Orb: A little ghoul-pet, who got a aura that does that slightly increases the damage given & taken. Magic: RT+Y= Summons ghoul-hands from the ground that drags the enemies underground and then tosses them up in the air (the ground-dragging does 1/3 of the damage, the fall from the sky does 2/3 of the spelldamage) RT+B= Throws skulls enchanted with darkmagic that explodes on hit. ____________________________________________________________________ Character: CaveMan Weapon: "Stick with a stone on it" (+2 Strenght +1 Defense -4 magic) Level:10 Orb: T-Rex, can roar that makes nearby enemies run away in fear. Magic: RT+Y= The Caveman summons a rock that goes straight forward and knocks down all enemies in its way. RT+B= Shoots with his sling.