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  1. miked00d

    Castle Crasher's lore/story?

    To be honest, it seems like it was left intentionally ambiguous. Castle crashers is on arcade experience with a little bit of story added on- which consists entirely of plot devices to move the game forward. You're not supposed to care why these knights are saving the princesses or why the wizard wants the big stone thingy, its about fun. Which is why the story is basically the same fun experience when playing through with different characters, and why the original four knights faces are never seen.
  2. miked00d

    countdown to a million... a CONTEST! [entries closed]

    july 3rd 2009 6:00 am its mah berfday
  3. miked00d

    What would you name game #3?

    'hop blockers'
  4. miked00d

    A tribute to our favorite chicken.

    lol those are fantastic quality
  5. miked00d

    It could start out...

    it looks liek its gonna be an rpg or an mmo
  6. miked00d

    make new dlc charectur

  7. miked00d

    Kelly's notepad a hint?

    id love to see tb explore more game types, such as rpgs, mmos, and fighting. a super street fighter- parody awesome thing would be good after watever rpg- thing they have planned.
  8. miked00d

    a suggestion for a second adventure

    sounds good to me
  9. miked00d

    Customizable Character Suggestion

    i think a customisation option would be good if it didnt use pre existing body parts (e.g wizards head, industrialists arms...) and let the player create their own body parts. but thats prbly not gonna happen
  10. miked00d

    Insane mode.. 3 player games makes it harder!

    its not just the amount of enemies, its the amount of health and strength they have. the more players you have, the harder the enemies are to kill, and the more damage they do.
  11. miked00d

    casle crshrs fan art by me

    maybe the lurker is actually an AI computer designed to annoy people. thats very nice nonetheless mister lurker.
  12. miked00d

    any Dead Space fans?

    that looks awesome.
  13. miked00d


    rofl- nope, but it is from the internet... also, thx