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  1. I find myself always coming back. Jaredman89 from 2013.
  2. Well, haven't posted in a really long time but I had to check on here to see if the Amiibo craze ever hit the forums. Looks like it has. When I first pre ordered smash 4 wayyyyyyy back, the man asked if I wanted to preorder the wave 1 amiibo toys. I thought they looked pretty stupid and I never got into it, enjoying smash as I pleased. Then about 3 weeks ago I looked into it. I can't stop now... I have 12 amiibos. Smash Series Super Mario Series Diddy Kong Mario(from the game bundle) Donkey Kong Toad Link Samus Mega man Toon Link Luigi Yoshi Sheik Sonix
  3. I bought mine off ebay in 2012
  4. Just saw I won. Thank you guys so much. Happy late Birthday!
  5. Happy Birthday!! My favorite boss would probably be the barbarian boss because when I first encountered the smaller version of him (the guy that gets crushed) I was like oh dang and then he burst from the door and I was like WHAT!!! I then proceeded to crack up. Thank you Behemoth.
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    So I have been wanting to make a lets play channel for awhile so about a month a go I ordered an avermedia LGP capture card. After a month of extreme laziness, ridiculous technical and mental blocks, and starting freshman football, I have finally uploaded my first walk-through episode. Here is the link----> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1wLXRyZ_j4g I'm playing Super Mario Sunshine, one of my favorite games. I hope to upload about one video a day, but there is a good amount of uploading time and tech stuff that goes on to get it on to YouTube. Also I use this guys setup but with a Wii. I don't know how long it will be to beat this game but I am pretty sure I know what game I am going to do next. This might be a thing I keep up for awhile or it might just dissipate if I get bored. I hope you enjoy watching the videos as much as I do making them. VGWHQ-Video Game Walkthrough Headquarters EDIT: For the life of me I can't make the video fit the whole screen. If anyone knows the solution that would be great.
  7. September 2014- School year starts January 18 2015- My 15th birthday November 4th 2016- Presidential election(I think) December 10 2016- Game 4 release date reveal December 31 3000- Reveal that due to unexpected robot apocalypse game 4 has been delayed. Unknown Date- The Elder gods finally finish Game 4 and play it gracefully.
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    Announcing Game 4!

    Is this a duplicate thread? Am I in before the lock? All Hail 0459672
  9. It definitely reminded me of the adventure time mutations from the nuclear bomb. There was even some candy characters i.e cupcake, gingerbread man. This looks very interesting. What does this mean?- END BRAIN SEQUENCE 0459672-B
  10. How did you make it?
  11. I like Castle Crashers...
  12. You can't really judge it on an unfinished product. I'm certain at that point they only had the rudimentary concepts completed considering it was unveiled in 2005, one year after Alien Hominid's release. They probably didn't implement the more complex concepts like skill points or different spells and whatnot. Well I guess the better question would be how the final product would have sold with some of the old concepts.
  13. Wonder how the original would have done.
  14. Is this still a thing?
  15. I now make 41.596 quadrillion a second.
  16. Beat it on Monday night. Actually wasn't that hard It took hours
  17. I 100% the first game, beat the second last summer but stopped playing before I could 100% it. I might go back to it this summer to finish it.Pikmin 3 I have but have not played yet.
  18. One of the hardest video things ever. You have to get all 120 regular stars then 120 green stars.Beat Grandmaster Galaxy normally(the hardest level up to that point) THEN, you have to get 9999 star bits and deposit it in the toad bank. The comet appears and you have to beat the level without getting hit and with no checkpoints. The only things that come close to this is Spelunky hell and maybe Halo legendary or BBT insane, but those are entire games. I have been trying to beat this level all day to 100% the game. I have never cursed on the forums but I think this is as good as time as any. F**K this S**t. Oh, and you have to get all comet medals.
  19. Great animations!