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  1. I love Alien Hominid and Castle Crashers, Mainly because of the single player experience. I don't know if Game #3 would be worth it with only multiplayer... So, I was wondering, is singleplayer just multiplayer with bots. Or will it be unique with monsters bosses Ect to fight.
  2. Not true, it is in fact contagious, why do you think everyone hates it. People want to play legit and the 256's are destroying peoples stats.
  3. Oh... Because you posted a few minutes after me; I thought you took my post and wanted to take all the credit. Sorry about the misunderstanding!
  4. I posted "At the end of 25 seconds and start of 26; you can see a alien hominid type character! Possible extra for playing it???" on Tue Mar 17, 2009 4:37 pm You posted at Tue Mar 17, 2009 4:41 pm What a unique idea... You deserve ALL the credit and I don't even deserve a reference... Seriously if you are going to take what I found then at least give me some damn credit...
  5. At the end of 25 seconds and start of 26; you can see a alien hominid type character! Possible extra for playing it???
  6. I had HIGH hopes for this game... It just looks like updated PDA games... Does anyone think that this is worth it? I'll wait until there is more information 'till I make my decision...
  7. Gamerguy45


    First of all its not "hacking" I didn't want to have to explain this to you but your an idiot... It's actually modding. Modding is perfectly legal; unless of course you accept the terms of use and it specifically says modding isn't allowed. You know what my pet peve is? Well it's idiots like you that don't know anything at all about hacking/modding. You can't tell the difference and you think ALL hacking is illegal. It's only illegal if you hack someone else's computer. But, you probably don't give a damn you think all hacking is illegal. Seriously dude, don't be with the majority of idiots who can't tell the difference between hacking and modding; it's people like you that make everyone think ALL hacking is illegal.
  8. Gamerguy45


    In my opinion I think anyone should be allowed to hack. As long as they do it for fun and amusement. While I think it is stupid to hack (Ruins the fun.) If other people have fun doing it, why not let them. As long as they only do it with friends, make sure they don't hack other people (People like me think that it takes the fun away), and makes sure not to hack the leaderboards. Who would they be hurting? No one, they would just have more fun for THEMSELVES no one else but themselves.
  9. This is spam... Typing I Voted is spam. Please make a post where you encourage people to actually have a converstation...
  10. If I had the money, I'd rather throw it off of a bridge. A more useful and entertaining way. You don't have 5 dollars? But, instead of getting one of the best games of all times you'd rather throw it off a bridge? Well when you do throw it off a bride be sure the person at the bottom wants to buy the best arcade game of all time. In my opinion better then castle crashers!
  11. I think that the animal orbs are trophies. Maybe if you get on the leader boards you get a real trophy; its just like alien hominid. But, then again their is like 5 different trophies and alien hominid had 3. There is also the problem that if they were trophies they look like crap... Then again, maybe its a prototype like alien hominid had?
  12. Thanks kelly that cleared things up for me! I knew that there was something up. Dan paladins post didn't help much just made things even more confusing...
  13. On the main website he posted a picture of a bunch of animal orbs made from wood. He said it was supposed to be a picture from his new game but, it wasn't from a game at all. I think he made a mistake and posted the wrong picture. unless he meant to post a picture of animal orbs from a completely different game; and it wasn't even from the damn game... Please fix this as I want to see the picture you meant to post...
  14. I love the humor in this. Great start to a day!