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  1. it started the day after but we didn't realize it was a problem for another week, we also traded in the disk so that can't be the problem. I sent in my xbox to microsoft so it should be fixed soon and I can play it without a bug
  2. I have an Elite Xbox and when I play Brutal Legend it goes all like polkadoty with dots the size of pixels all over the screen, does anybody else have this problem or know someone who does
  3. ruska23

    The Fail Game

    fail because it takes too long to get to level 99 for all of your characters what about fried aligator
  4. the number of posts I plan on posting (I think that might take awile)
  5. If I gave you the web adress could you do it your self I don't have any picture editing programs
  6. ninjas are still awsome what is up with the pets are they like the dragons or something
  7. ruska23

    The Fail Game

    fail because I cant read it castle crashers
  8. I will do it if I am not at school and online
  9. Im with krugun it's just an alien not the alien
  10. TB dosn't make the price Microsoft does (I would laugh at all of you if it was just a regular flash game on the internet )
  11. 14 at the end of this month and I still don't get any free time so dont complain about being old
  12. ruska23

    Mario is so awesome

    yeah old sonic was good new sonic sucks and nobody can change that exept for the designers