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  1. Im working on a Frost king and a new Necromancer sig. Thanks for the comment.
  2. LocoCrazy

    Killzone 2

    Killzone 2 is developed by Guerrilla Games, a company in the Netherlands who, right now, is small but growing at a fast rate. Below is a list of the pro's about Killzone 2 Graphics are astonishing Multiplayer is too much fun 6 diffrent classes each with its own weapons and abilities DLC every month 2 new map pack out already developed by a deticated gaming company (Guerrilla) Camapign provides something diffrent mission. Bad balloon looking charecters (Helghast of course) voice acting is amasing Story is good (notthing fancy or new) really cool weapons and unlockables within multiplayer and single player (stuff you can actulay use) 3 map packs are already out within the first 3 months seriously i could go on What is your input?
  3. I'd have to particly agree there. I do love the look and effect of his current jump but i do love being true to the charecter.
  4. my latest CC sig. [img=http://i149.photobucket.com/albums/s74/WUEcamMan/Skeleton.png] Just give me credit
  5. Well i've run out of Castle Crashers renders to use in sigs and avitars na di cant really find anything that can be used. So i thought i'd make a topic where everybody can post pictures/renders of Castle Crashers and comment on each others images.
  6. LocoCrazy

    Mario is so awesome

    wow...i dont think i know any nice words to discribe how_________(
  7. umm....the walrus makes one epic face. and really wants that bucket.....a lot
  8. or is it a wolf in sheeps clothing? use it for a while and you'll see.
  9. in your opinion my idea is bad. In my opinion your idea is equel to a steming pile of cow pie. Anywas another idea i had would be simple to add on. Make a contest mode. By this i mean; Say your playing the forest, each enemy is worth X amount of points, after the level is complete the scors are added up and who ever has the most points obiously wins. I guess it would be similar to the XP points at the end but either way it would add more fun the the story mode.
  10. I was thinking of doing something similar. Making a contest that is...however i'd have to save up my money to buy MS points to give away as prizes....ill look into these contests.
  11. Aww c’mon spill the beans. Give these kids a little piece to gnaw on for a little.
  12. Maybe a code/cheat that makes you constantly buffed (a forever lasting PBnJ sandwich) think of it. love it. want it.
  13. the trailer was well made...but as for the game....wtf?