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  1. when u told me this i tried it (many times) and it
  2. That's four of a kind of 9's... Pearl Jam's album "Ten" I also approve of this thread for being creative rather than a pointless method to boost post count. sry,I put that because it had something to do with 9
  3. wow some of u have a ton of 99's,i only got 1 lol
  4. i got my gamertag MegalodonMaster from my friends,I loved and always studied about megalodons since i was 5(and still going to till the day i die) I always talked about them around my friends and they began calling me MegalodonMaster.
  5. I dont care if its 3-d or not just as long as its good(which it is going to be)
  6. lol, u would think this game would be easy but its actually pretty hard
  7. Nice,try making every character!
  8. lol its truly insane to beat insane ur right
  9. i just dont want too ruin the game 4 myself thats all