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  1. Exactly my thought, its april now, if its not released at least a week or two from now, then i give up trying to get it and will just stop trying to figure out if they will ever tell us a release date. Oh and the people at behemoth should really email or something microsoft about when do they think the new dlc will be up, or at least say if it will ever be this month. They just released the King's Pack in January. Why would they release another DLC so soon after the first one was released?
  2. I like Kile's better; the style is more accurate. -Chewk
  3. Don't be such a drama queen. Come on, he is pretty mature deleting his account. I can't tell if you are joking or not.
  4. His friend is lying about drawing them, or he just assumed that his friend drew them. -Chewk
  5. Those avatars were made more than 5 years ago, and from talks with people who know who he is, he is old enough to be married and not have a roommate, or at least one that is 19 years old. Face it; the topic starter is lying or his friend is lying. -Chewk
  6. I know the artist, and he is not in college. Either his friend is lying, or he's lying. EDIT: The artist I linked to previously isn't actually the artist, but is an Admin from the forum from which the avatars linked are use. However, some of the avatars, i.e the TDK Joker and a few others, are by him. The real artist is Jeff Victors, who is a pro artist and by no means in college. -Chewk
  7. Your friend didn't make those. Any of the ones you posted that aren't in there were default avatars from a lego forum called Those links don't work because the forum was nuked and relaunched in february. -Chewk
  8. Feedle is right; the main point of Castle Crashers is to root out all the modders in the game. -Chewk
  9. That is modding, not hacking. -Chewk
  10. Okay, so in the time I've been here, I've noticed many posts and topics concerning alleged hackers/modders. My question is: why do you care? If you think someone is playing unfairly, don't play with them; no big deal. Chances are you probably have no real proof that they have modified the game in any way, but they may just be better players. If you do have solid proof, then go ahead and report them; however, no need to point out the obvious by making topics like "REPORT ALL HACKERS/CHEATERS", and then posting said rule-breakers gamertags. Why post their gamertags? So you can have other people who have never played with them report them? Just avoid them and stop having hissy fits. I have also noticed an awful lot of whining about the leaderboards. Seriously, just because someone is in the top 100's does not mean they cheat; thats the whole point of a leaderboard: to list all players in order of rank. There can't not be a #1. I could honestly care less about the leaderboard, what with the thousands of people probably playing the game, there is a small chance of getting anywhere on it. And what if you did make it to the #1 spot; then what? There is no trophy, recognition, or prize, just the knowledge that you have played the game a lot more than other people. Circling back to my main point, stop whining so much: most people don't give a damn about who is hacking or not unless they are the victims, and that is what the report button on XBL is for. And to any of you who waste your time trying to actually find hackers to report, you are wasting your time. Mods: Feel free to sticky this, if you want. -Chewk
  11. That would more so involve a bit of modding in addition to hacking. It doesn't really matter, though, as the scenario you described is somewhat illogical. First off, if a modder made the sword, don't you think that The Behemoth and Microsoft would have taken legal action by now, or at least publicly deny its authenticity? Furthermore, adding third-party content to a game such as Castle Crashers requires one to actually download said content from an outside source, meaning it would not be possible for another player to simply pick it up in the event that it is dropped. -Chewk
  12. I don't get why people think the new DLC will be out any time soon, seeing as the the King's Pack DLC just came out in January. In marketing terms, it isn't wise to release new products so close to each other so as to allow the consumer to get the most out of what they have bought. This in mind, I'd expect the next DLC to come out in the months leading up to or out of summer. -Chewk
  13. I'd rather gain the weapons in the game through my own means than trade with other people to get them. If trading is the only way to get the RHS, that would be an exception. -Chewk