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  1. sry haven't been on lately....W00t!!!! kellom got 100th post!!!!!@!#!@#
  2. Plz sum1 post on here i need my babiez to grow!!! I'll click everyone who clicks mine.
  3. W00t 50!!!!! Halfway!!!! Oh, and that was FTW!!!!
  4. Theres quite a bit of good swords, its just what your into. These are, IMO, the best weapons for a given stat. Gold Sword(DLC)- For Strength Unicorn horn or Black mace- For Magic Black Katana (Necromancer Sword)- For Defense Lollypop (DLC)- For Agility Gold Mace (DLC) - For all around characters.
  5. Exactly, although it does work well on the dragon boss.
  6. In co-op online yesterday, me and my friends made the dragons head turn the other way and it wouldn't turn back! it was like we snapped his neck. ROFL
  7. We are 1/4 th of the way guys! keep it up!
  8. Wow, you keep finding all these glitches!
  9. Yes non-elemental. That will make it fair.
  10. Mine will fire their lazza if u dont!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BTW i clicked urs.
  11. Sweet i'll be sure to do that the next time i go through that level.
  12. Great idea! If you set a date and finish the idea i'll try to get on and play.
  13. I own it. Yes 4 players is a lot more fun.