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  1. The only thing i'd add, as i said during the beta test, is bots in the offline arenas. Its boring when you have only 2 friends to play with, and you can't do a 2vs2, because one of them is going to be alone, without even a bot to team with.
  2. Pretty nice idea, I'd gladly pay a dlc wich add that possibility
  3. Even though I have it on 360, I hope it will come on pc and ps3 faster than castle Crashers. Make it happen Behemoth
  4. *whispers* Steaaaaam.....please.......Steaaaaaam...*/whispers*
  5. Circles and triangulars heads are freakin awesome!
  6. Btw, do we have anything about how well castle crashers is sold on pc? My xbox is slowly ding, an I get a new computer, so no more consoles from me. So I hope bbt will come on pc very fast ;\
  7. 5th? Its impressive for a game released 5 years ago. And the overall classement is not that bad, except Tony hawk, Gotham city, and counter strike, all these games deserved to be on the top. Except maybe trials HD, wich is here only because the sequel sold so well that it leads the customer to buy it. Not necessarly a bad thing though.
  8. I'll probably do the multiplayer campaigns first when bbt comes out, because I'll probably have some friends hanging around, with some pizzas, and stuff. We're doing that everytime a great game is released( the last ones were Rayman Origins, Trials Evolutions, DmC, and I bet the next one will be Bioshock infinity) x]
  9. The challenge mode is quite interesting. From what I've seen, , the game is looking so "smooth", and so fast, it will be quite enjoyable. Don't know if some of you played Rayman Origins, but you were incited to do all the levels as fast as possible, that was the best part of the game for me.
  10. Got it, I'm waiting for this game since the first time I've ever heard of it, even if usually, I'm not really addicted to forums x] But hey, it's for for a just cause.
  11. I hope It will be available on pc faster than Castle crasher was. Since the end of this console generation is near, I'm afraid BattleBlock Theater will not have the deserved recognition it should have. And if it made its way on pc, I bet I'll buy this version as long as the xbox version \o/