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  1. Ignorance is not an excuse. Shia Surprise you're banned!
  2. Made an Xbox Club for Castle Crashers called Castle Crashers Insanity. If you're looking for people to play or do insane mode with feel free to join.
  3. The game has been around for 9 years already. Feel old yet? I've been dusting off my sword lately and man am I rusty. Still beat randoms more often than not but I've just been doing story mode. Good to see people still playing the game even if all the veterans are retired.
  4. It should. The Behemoth is a small indie company so anything new ALWAYS takes a while to get around to everybody. Just ask the PS3 owners.
  5. Banned for still not saying Shia Suprise 70 posts later.
  6. Banned because your not as cool as that square.
  7. Banned for an incomplete sentence.
  8. Is there anyone in the group who can show me how to hook up my turtle beaches X12 for PC?