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  1. The game has been around for 9 years already.  Feel old yet?  I've been dusting off my sword lately and man am I rusty.  Still beat randoms more often than not but I've just been doing story mode.  Good to see people still playing the game even if all the veterans are retired.     

  2. The way they changed the ranking system on the Remastered edition is by measuring kills instead of exp.  It sucks becasue it doesn't correctly measure how much damage or contribution the player is doing in the game, just if they land the final blow.  At least there aren't any -1's on the top anymore.  It's just annoying to see some of my friends who never play ahead of me because it only measures that of your top character and not the combined total of all of them.  I use many different characters and don't rely on the same ones over and over again so I'm not that high on mine. 

    Actually forgotten, it measures all of your kills together; it just displays your highest xp character.


    It must have been part of the last update.  I went from 400 something kills to like 2, 900 something kills.  Not going to lie I was feeling very cheated. 

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