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  1. The way they changed the ranking system on the Remastered edition is by measuring kills instead of exp. It sucks becasue it doesn't correctly measure how much damage or contribution the player is doing in the game, just if they land the final blow. At least there aren't any -1's on the top anymore. It's just annoying to see some of my friends who never play ahead of me because it only measures that of your top character and not the combined total of all of them. I use many different characters and don't rely on the same ones over and over again so I'm not that high on mine.
  2. Legend of Korra!!!! "What is best in life? To slay your enemy and hear the lamentations of their women."
  3. Youtube channel is up. Our next run will be on Wednesday night.
  4. Upon requests and prompting I now have a YouTube and a Twitch channel set up. I'll try and stream at least once a week and I'll try and announce any insane mode runs ahead of time. The next insane mode run will be with Hazard (and Feedle if we can get him) Wednesday night. No set time yet so keep your ears open.
  5. Shia Suprise!!! You're Banned ...and also dead ​
  6. Has anyone thought of a Mustache Knight before? Because I love it!
  7. Play till your fingers bleed. Super Mario Maker?
  8. Banned for not using Shia Suprise or Actual Cannibal Shia LeBeouf with your avatar.
  9. I was totally paying attention in class today.
  10. Thus far the list of the biggest changes are the Weapon Stats, Animal Orb Stats, Stores on Insane Mode (providing former DLC content), Menu Art/Animations, and the new game mode, Back Off Barbarian. I haven't noticed any changes in character magic because I don't use it that often. I usually forget I have it sometimes.
  11. Does anyone know why users are no longer able to edit on the wiki anymore? I can't even update my password to log in or change my profile informaion.
  12. I was never able to enter in the previous turnouments due to work.
  13. Me and Hazard ran through insane mode together. Check it out. I did some Arena while I was waiting for him to get on. ​
  14. Looks good from what I've read. I'll have to go through and see if there's more detail that should be added. Sadly I'm pressed for time on all things CC related. ​​
  15. In the Ending Party, it is in the dig spot near the thief shooting arrows. Be warned, you will need 2 players to get it. Hey, is this true? On my digging spot guide I've had a few people mention it and I saw a post somewhere saying it's impossible. Sorry, I don't mean to make it sound like I'm calling you a liar, I'm just looking for clarification. Xbox ONE only. Are you sure? I actually need to see this with my own eyes. This was a rumor waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back on the 360 that people would say to noobs in order to mess with them.
  16. I'm at Theives Forest with my Perwinkle. I'm getting better at juggling again but I don't have any endurance. I was able to solo up to the Troll Boss but when he was at half health my fingers started cramping. Read the message I sent you!
  17. Stand in front of the barn and keep hitting him so he doesn't come out. You want to keep him in there as long as possible.
  18. Sweet. Do we need to do anything special to get the update on Steam?
  19. This guide is specific to completing insane mode and not the game as a whole. More information is always good though!
  20. August 27, 2008 I originally saw a video on youtube in 2007 which convinced me that I utterly need to play this game. It was on YouTube but unfortunately isn't there anymore. Luckily GameTrailers has still persevered it. If this doesn't convince you to play Castle Crashers I don't know what will.