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  1. This post in no way helps. I am sure the OP is talking about the game not allowing him to download the data he already uploaded on his 360 to his Xbox One. I am having the same problem. At the main menu on Xbox One after uploading the data from 360 and it won't let me download it. Is there some sort of waiting period? No. Mine was instant. I made sure my One was off when I transferred it on the 360. Is the One you are using set as the Home console or are you file sharing with anyone?
  2. The Normal game has always saved once you enter the world map. It does not save while you are in a level. On Insane it saves only after certain levels. I don't know if any of these have been changed for insane. Normal mode has worked the same for me so far.
  3. The volcano mini boss in Lava World has new eruption patterns and fires more frequently. The Fire Demons are still annoying and the wave after the skeletons feels a bit heavier. I think they've been like that for a while though.
  4. Did a bit more tonight. My friends were lame and went to bed! Hoping to game with some of you guys on the forums here soon.
  5. No. The One achievements will count as seperate. They're mostly the same but they are now worth a full 1000 points.
  6. The DLC content is available either through stores or completing insane mode for CC HD.
  7. The groom has new organ bomb patterns and now mostly tries to hit you with bomb magic instead of melee attacks when he steps away to fight you.
  8. Streaming now. The video saved this time. It's me starting from level one and showing where most of the hidden items were. I got up to the Wedding Chase. I have to figure out how to get my audio to record. If anyone knows how please let me know.
  9. -Cat Guard: There is limited access to changing the Castlepedia wiki at the moment. One of the main editors of the website passed away. We don't know when The Behemoth will open up access to changing things again for everyone. -ImpossibleBlank: The Fishing Rod was indeed the worst weapon in the game and hard core arena players loved using it to show off their skill. I don't believe there is an definate terrible weapon anymore. Also the Fishing Rod has the longest reach of all the weapons making it easier to capture enemies in the juggling combo. I don't know if this ability remains. -Hazard: I mean the Black Morning Star which had a +6 to magic and chance for a critical. The Wooden Club has also had it's critical ability removed which is what made it head and shoulders the best weapon in the game with its stats. I believe the critical bonus is far better than the -3 agility we get now compared to the -5 agility of the old version. Feedle knows the most about the Snakey mace so I don't know if these changes from critical to poison damage are better or worst yet. I did notice that the level 35 weapons are no longer garbage. I haven't been able to test them thoroughly yet. I'm just grumpy because this involves going through insane mode and experimenting with different animal orbs to find the best companion for the weapon. I haven't had to do this in a very long, long, long time. I also had way more gold lol. That made things easier.
  10. I'm not a fan of the weapon stat changes. Two of the best weapons have been nerfed as a result.
  12. -Yugo567 Steam and MS don't have a buisness relationship so I don't think it'll happen through Steam. Microsoft is working on making xbox games playable on PC with Windows 10 so there might be chance later down the road to play on your computer at least.
  13. I would love to play with other people from the forums. I'm not going to lie I don't know anything about streaming on Youtube. If anyone is willing to teach I'd be more than happy to give it a shot. I also figured out how save my old broadcasts. Unfortunately my first two didn't save. I'll be able to make another one Monday afternoon.
  14. Mine was available as free as of yesterday. No problems since then.
  15. Mine wasn't working at first but I came back later and it was free.
  16. I actually know the creator and have encountered him online before. He's very rude, likes to pick arguments, and has been banned from editing on Castlepedia and the UESP wiki because of it.
  17. ‚Äč I don't know if anyone is interested in watching but I thought I'd give this a shot. I'll be doing insane mode runs once I get back into the swing of things. Right now my schedule varies a lot because of work and school but I'll try and be on at least once a week.