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  1. Fenix's Definitive Guide to Everything Melee
  2. Either from zombies, aliens, robots, or time traveling Nazis what would you bring to the fight? Choose from any GAME (each item must be from a different one): 1 armor set, 1 primary weapon, 1 secondary weapon, 1 special weapon, 1 piece of equipment, 1 special ability and 1 ally to travel with. REMEMBER! If you stay put, your dead in this situation. Mobility is key. Armor - Samus Aran Powersuit (Metroid) Primary - Vex Mythoclast (Destiny) Secondary - Master Sword (Legend of Zelda) Special - Portal Gun (Portal) Equipment - The Light Burden (Turok) Ability - Bullet Time (Max Payne) Ally - Master Chief (Halo)
  3. Can't you just eat dark chocolate then? Not all of it is milk chocolate.
  4. In addition to a Tiger Reservation, I would also like my own castle with attached air strip. Fun fact, I would also create a massive underground bunker system to survive a nuclear blast or the more probable zombie apocalypse.
  5. Seeing as they had about 5 programmers when Castle Crashers was made, I doubt it.
  6. I would like a familiar looking Knight Head/Helmet in addition to a chicken as a mount.
  7. Must be fabulously outlandish. I wish for my own Tiger Reservation in the Midwest.
  8. XBL. The PSN did not have the serious and rampant abuse of the Copy Glitch of modded profiles like the Xbox version did.
  11. I haven't brought myself to watch the series finale. I don't want it to end yet.
  12. Just saw the Battle of 5 Armies. It was good but I feel as if the story for it wasn't that well developed. The entire movie felt like a 3rd Act. I can see how The Hobbit trilogy was originally intended to be 2 films. They just extended the 1st Act in the 1st movie and extended the 3rd Act in the 3rd movie to create 3 films. As a trilogy the series is good but as independent film I can't say that the 3rd one is that great. Overall I'm having really mixed feelings about it. I'm hoping the extended version will be able to shed more sense to the story like Prometheus did. Maybe time will give me more perspective.
  14. Banned for being someone I recognize on the forums.
  15. I stick with console versions. I can't do PC gaming. What's your favorite faction?
  16. Just hit 23 Gold Skulls with my Level 57 Beekeeper. Thanks to Fearless Feedle and Dejwid125!
  17. 1.What's your favorite guild and your favorite character you've created so far? Magic Guild: I'm a fan of making myself more powerful. 2.Stormcloaks or Imperials? Stormcloaks. For the crime of attempting to kill me I will bring your empire to its knees. 3.Which race is your favorite? Orc. I'm a fan of smashing things in table top games. 4.Any ideas on what to do when your fabled dragonborn isn't running thugs through with a greatsword? Or when he/she isn't bashing faces in with a mace? Discuss. Looking for ways to make myself more powerful by spellcraft, arms, ancient relics, or wealth. 5.Don't forget to include a description of a character of your choice. Oblivion: Breton Female - dark skinned blonde. Mage/Former Assassin - reformed as a Knight of the Nine. Conjuration and Stealth. Skyrim: Khajiit Male - ferocious Snow Leopard. Mage/Warrior/Blacksmith - Conjuration, Destruction, One handed. Vampire. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  18. If anyone wants to play with a rusty forum Elder Chicken hit me up. GT: AGN Dark Knight