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  1. I'm back! I'm going to finish insane mode with my nine remaining characters that still need it. I've called to arms my old friends Fearless Feedle and That Otto Dude to finish the job. Wish us luck!
  2. Yes. I think it is safe to say I am back and am working on the 9 Gold Skull I still need. Thanks for the heads up Feedle. This is a new change from the BBT Hatty update. Snow World now has to be completed. Yes. It has to be beaten for the save to occur unless otherwise noted.
  3. So I tried looking up the Story Mode Leaderboard rankings in Castle Crashers and I can't go past the 200's before it kicks me and prevents me from looking further. Everyone listed before then is -1 and a participant in the 256 glitch. I can see where I am and my friends but I would like to know who the number 1 is for the world. Arena and Glork don't have this problem as the -1's have been cleared out as far as I can tell. I know Castle Crashers isn't the main focus for the Behemoth but I was wondering if there was a way to update the Story Mode Leaderboards to get rid of the -1's like Arena and Glork?
  4. Its like trying to find a diamond in a turd factory.
  5. If you're hosting you have to select the setting that allows for hidden characters. Anything else will restrict you to the 4 starting knights. If you don't have the option from someone else's game its because they haven't allowed for hidden characters and there's nothing you can do about it.
  6. Not since moving out of the U.S. I have however moved back and I've been feeling nostalgic recently.
  7. This is a glitch that has been known for years since the game came out. I would not encourage it as it was used to spread the 256 plague amongst the community and is in violation of user service agreement for Xbox, Steam, and PSN. I honestly thought it was patched when they removed the modded 256 leveled players from the game.
  8. Y-... You do know gameplay videos were already shown off, right? I did not! I haven't been keeping up to date with things around here. I'll have to look into it.
  9. I loved it and really enjoyed the care that was made into the movie. It could have been poorly made and sucked but you could feel everyone giving it their all. I own it on Blu Ray and would love to see a sequal.
  10. After living in Japan for 2 years. Babymetal
  11. I really like 16 Bit High School! Anyway here's Smosh appearing on Epic Rap Battles of History with Rhett and Link.
  12. I would die from joy, rainbows, and flaming hammers.
  13. Please let it be Castle Crashers 2. I promise it'll be a commercial success like the first one was.
  14. I nominate Babbity Rabbity as best non active member of the year. He was instrumental in the early days of testing, mapping, and understanding Insane Mode for Castle Crashers in 2009. He was one of the key players who helped me write my guide and he was also a math genius. Babbity Rabbity calculated how much damage each weapon did to each enemy on Insane Mode, allowing us to determine which was statistically the best ones to use in the game, and determined which enemies had increased Defense and were too heavy to juggle. He is also the one who calculated how much stat bonus each animal orb provided. He helped me do this before the fancy updates to CC we know today. Back when game connections were terrible and a single player leaving caused the game to kick everyone back to the main menu. It was impossible to play more than 30 min before the game dropped someone and your progress was lost. You could also get stuck in the floor or spawn without a weapon. It was bad in those days but we trucked on and continued to work on the guide. We were able to dispel a lot of rumors and tested every known theory about the game in those days. Babbity Rabbity has made contributions to this community which last to this day and are reflected both in my guide and the Castlepedia wiki.
  15. People come and go on the forums all the time. Activity usually picks up when there's new content going to be released. I remember when the Devs were giving away free pink knight codes, the forums almost crashed from the sheer amount of people signing up and trying to enter the contest. There was a new wave of users once Castle Crashers was released on PS3 and again on PC. More came with Battleblock Theater. Now the waters have calmed until the storm of Game 4 is on the horizon. I stopped coming regularly when the forums were overrun by elitist insane mode players on the PlayStation. Every thread became an argument. Luckily things aren't like that anymore.
  16. The never hacked the xbox network. They just overloaded the servers with spam requests preventing people from getting on. If caught they could be sent to federal prison for causing Microsoft to violate its terms of use agreement. I don't think we'll be seeing any more of them now that Anonymous has threatened to attack them if they do it again.
  17. I'm going to have to put Destiny on this list. The game is both addicting and painfully frustrating. Right now I'm at a stage where I can't handle the grind so I'm taking a break.
  18. I would consider this more of a hobby. Sports imply physical activity. Not much of that going on here.
  19. I would much prefer a Black Knight. Anyway, Trolls are a horrible blight on the Kingdom and they need to be eradicated from the face of the earth. The only other creature more deserving of extinction in this game besides them are the dragons in Lava World. I hate them so much.
  20. Its hard to choose between the awesomeness of rainbows and flaming hammers but my Pink Knight is a higher level if that means anything.
  21. The hardest level would have to be Insane Mode. Once you get to level 20 in normal mode everything is pretty much wedding cake. Insane Mode however is a horrible nightmare haunting the dreams of Crashers at night no matter what level they are.
  22. Pelter, for the sheer irony of his name.
  23. The King has always been one of my favorites. Seeing a Level 99 old man run around with his Scepter saving the Kingdom is always fun. The Necromancer, Pink Knight, Blacksmith, and Green Knight are my other favorites. The Wooden Club is my favorite weapon as it is the best one in the game stat wise.