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  1. Well, I got an email and I'm near the end of the alphabet... congrats everyone who got in! (but mine stills says MemeberS)
  2. Thing is, you can hook your computer up to a TV, and you can use a wireless controller with your computer, and you can sit on a comfy couch while using your computer. EVERYONE has a computer, but not everyone has an Xbox, and not everyone wants to pay to play online (regardless of how little it may be). It's quite simply broadening the available market to release it on PC. I'm not as happy with the computer connected to the TV. I love multi player on the Xbox.
  3. Can't wait, I'll save some points just for this. CC was well worth it, I'm sure this is going to be another addiction. Weird
  4. I like playing on the XBox, the recliner is way more comfortable! (not to mention the 55in TV is much better!) Weird
  5. I wish I was not out of town and missed everything! I thought I had a forum account, ah well, I'll keep my fingers crossed! Weird