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  1. you can get smash bros on DS? i know its a mod or something, but does it actually work? multiplayer and such?
  2. i hear the thing about rythm heaven was that if your a musician, its really fun and not overly challenging, but otherwise its really hard. and the grid thing in disgaea is no big deal for me, i mean i think its pretty much a strategy game in a lot of ways. and sorry for the double post
  3. oh, and disgaea. is it any good?
  4. does anyone have any feelings on dementium or moon? they're kind of unkown indie games but i hear they're pretty great. plus dementium has a sequel coming out soon that has the ugliest box art ever (in a good way), and i really love some indie horror
  5. professor layton sounds pretty great, but as for elite beat agents being the best rythm game, you must go play audiosurf and rez. really, like IMMEDIATELY
  6. i'm about to buy a ds lite, because i don't have any handheld right now, but i don't really know what good games they have. i've got metroid hunters already ( i had an original ds but it cracked in half over a year ago) and i was thinking i'd get the shin megami tensei games, the world ends with you, and flower, sun, and rain. but, what do you guys think are the best ds games?
  7. ah, i can't wait. and yeah, the COG scorched a large part of the earth before the first game. it was an attempt to kill the locusts off, and they're fascists so they don't value civilians much, which is why everyone's coated in ashes pompeii style. and i'm pretty sure the brothers to the end thing is just figurative. they fight as brothers. i can't see a happy ending for humanity though. just the fact that they are in the scorched part of the world means they're out of places to go
  8. i geuss none of you have played rez then, because the uranus boss is probably the coolest thing you will ever witness (couldn't figure out how to post the video, but the link is definately worth a watch)
  9. WOW. the potential for how awesome this could be is mind blowing. you guys really stand out above all the forgettable arcade titles out there. needless to say,that trailer "totally just knocked my socks off"
  10. its all really reflex based, so you get used to the difficulty eventually, and you can put it on easy, i just refuse to do that with any game ever. the PDA games just make it even better
  11. its too bad they don't make gameboy games anymore. the behemoth would do great on that handheld, but i say stick too xbox live arcade. it just makes it so easy for the largest number of fans too get their games, and the hi-def graphics are nice too. a ds game would be cool though, but i say stay away from psp. it has the power to taint good games
  12. ok. now i'm excited. is there any more info on this?
  13. you don't really have to look for them.
  14. nice. here's to hand drawing things!