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  1. Excellent! I look forward to hitting up Castle Crashers again with the Pink Knight. Now where's my purple knight?
  2. Troll party hat is pretty awesome; cute drawing too The little girl holding the birthday card has the party hat, but it's the card that is cool
  3. That's great for you to support the Behemoth and Castle Crashers in that way, but I don't think anyone here has been stating that the PS3 can't have exclusive characters so what's there to be angered about? Only thing I've really seen is wanting equal support for both platforms. In this way the Behemoth can say "Thanks for your patience PS3 owners, here's a little extra to make the game new again" while at the same time saying "Thanks for your continued support Xbox fans, we're now able to bring in even more fans now (even if on other platforms), so here's a little something new found on the new release of Castle Crashers." Don't fault fans for wanting to get to play more of what they love. And if you only own a PS3 be sure to support the Behemoth through Castle Crashers; with enough support maybe Alien Hominid could be released!
  4. I would love to have the princesses playable! And for whatever princess is chosen, the coorisponding knight would replace her in being kidnapped (if the blue princess is playable, then the blue knight would be the one captured and needing rescued). Though that would probably involve a lot more animation and work. As has been mentioned before, please don't replace characters and if new characters/modes are offered please offer the same as DLC for 360 owners. In the end all those that are able to play should experience the same Castle Crashers as everyone else. Thanks!
  5. West coast here, so only 11:16p for me. I'd love to go out and see the showers, except here I'm only getting rain showers Rain during August
  6. All right Ender! You survived the night Congrats!
  7. Hmm, need to clean your keyboard. kidding, kidding...Cool business card though.
  8. A-HA! I see Yahoo [bot] is trying to get in on the action Grats to all winners so far
  9. Woot Another winner Who will be next Stay tuned...