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  1. Robo_Luigi

    Castle Crashers XBLA Tournament of Champions!

    My brother and i received ours today, thanks a lot, i feel really happy with the hat.
  2. This is exactly what i mean, look at the comments or top comments on any Youtube video, there are incredibly high chances of reading a mother effing "Thumbs up if X about Bieber". Or in a Justin Timberlake song, god dammit, it's like the name Justin has achieved another meaning after that douche showed up.
  3. Why keeps people spreading news about this kid? I'm not a hater, but i don't like him not even a single bit, and now i can't go anywhere on the internet that has nothing related to him. Think about it, the more you keep talking about him the more popular it will became and the less it is going to be forgotten. And why is this even posted in Other games? You're talking about music, or game music, it's not the same.
  4. Robo_Luigi

    Juggling, is it fair?

    But otto was right when he answered to Babbity, if not how else would you play this game? Doing standard ground combos which give no hitstun and arrow camping as mentioned before? Be honest, the How to play tells to juggle, it is there for a reason, i don't see any point to this discussion so open your eyes, it's sad complaining like that.
  5. Robo_Luigi

    Castle Crashers XBLA Tournament of Champions!

    You don't really need any evidence. On the registration page it just says something like, "If you press submit then you are agreeing that a parent or legal guardian has given permission" or something like that. Well, if it is like that then it is the same kind of registration for everyone, thanks for answering ^^.
  6. Robo_Luigi

    Juggling, is it fair?

    If you're referring to the "run and press Y" move then I'm sorry to say that this isn't complicated at all. That wasn't what I was talking about. Also, pressing X+Y+Y+Y is totally complicated amirite? I dare you to do it, the game is meant to play it this way, there is no point in crying about it, also it requires skill to take more damage in one juggle, can you take half bar in one? Can you punish people who couldn't tech on the ground and continue the juggling?. Think of those aspects of what looks simple.
  7. Robo_Luigi

    Castle Crashers XBLA Tournament of Champions!

    Hello, i might have a question about how does this part of the terms and conditions work: "participants under 18 will need permission from their parent or legal gardian." And i wonder, why and how should underaged people ( Like me ) show permission from their parents or at least know why is it necessary on a online tournament. Thanks to the upcoming answers.
  8. Robo_Luigi

    Castle Crashers XBLA Tournament of Champions!

    Excuse me, but what time would that be in Europe? ( If the zone is GMT+1 ).