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    Dude, i'm on a video game forum, what do you think?
  1. jreed1337


    desperate need of 20 gamer points? thats just sad...
  2. jreed1337

    Level 256 Help...

    delete game, start over...
  3. jreed1337


    yup, just a bug or something. happened to me a few times throughout the game...
  4. jreed1337

    Forum bug

    the only bug i see here is a post that makes absolutely no sense...
  5. jreed1337

    Blue Knight Infinite Ground Combo

    dang, thats pretty whoreish allright
  6. jreed1337

    What is your favorite level?

    actually a higher level of strength gives you less experience...
  7. what in gods name are you talking about...
  8. jreed1337

    What is your favorite level?

    i like the ice level the best. the music is really cool, and im just partial to snowy landscapes.
  9. jreed1337

    say hello to my little friends

    really? u actually said that? ...
  10. jreed1337

    Who is your favorite character?

    Easy answer. Ninja and industrialist. They look cool and they are ridiculously effective. Any Knight with arrow magic sucks balloon! Blue knight is by far the worst of the entry knights, even tho blue is my favorite color. =(
  11. jreed1337

    Suggestion for the 256 glitch.

    seriously no point in posting these...
  12. jreed1337

    The wizard final battle secrets and tips..

    sandwiches work great against the spider boss. get behind him just right and you can just stay out of the screen up top and continually beat his head until he dies. i can get through him without getting hit or touching the ground after my first jump up there... use magic jump to get high, then hit the sandwich.
  13. jreed1337

    Necromancer FAQ

    There are lots of kids on this site don't cuss. Everyone is just excited about the new DLC and the characters. If you think it is such a stupid arcade game then why do you go on these forums or even play the game? i didnt say i didnt like the game, i said i am tired of waiting for the dlc and hearing about it from every other person on here. i love the game, its great... but its just like the king pack, no good characters or weapons will come from it. what is ther eto be excited about?
  14. jreed1337


    anyone want to guess when there will be 100,000 256ers...? fix the freaking game!
  15. its useless... i wouldn't even bother. how long has that dude on the top been there... months now. as long as ive been looking at the leaderboards... dont waste your time!